How To Wear A Bicycle Helmet
It Can Make Or Break Your Neck!
by Susan Ottevanger

"BUT THEY WERE WEARING A HELMET!" is a cry that follows many accident reports of extensive bodily damage.

The helmets worn while bicycling, scooting and skating can do a lot of good if worn properly. They can do more harm than good if worn too high on the forehead. It may look and feel a little cooler to expose more of your face, but here's 2 reasons to cover up some more. Worn too high, you lose the protection of your face during impact - the helmet should hit the pavement before your nose. Worn too high, the back edge of the helmet can dig into your neck, causing whiplash or worse.

While the more expensive, adult helmets are designed to be difficult to wear incorrectly, this is not the case for the cheaper ones or children's wear.

Helmets - Do's & Don'ts

Helmet on right Right On
Helmet on head where it does most good.
Helmet on wrong Not!
Helmet on like this might look cooler,
feel cooler, but doesn't protect a face,
and can cause a neck injury.
Helmet on right protects face Helmet Hits First
In case of impact, the helmet fends off
a hard surface.
Helmet on wrong doesn't work "Pavement Pate`"
Besides scraped skin, bones can get
broken and/or forced into soft tissues
(eyes and brain).
Helmet on right doesn't hurt neck Neck Protected
Head is much more likely to roll forward
than snap back.
Helmet on wrong hurts neck
Photos by
Pat the Puppet Guy
Potential Neck Injury
The back edge of helmet can be slammed into
back of neck, forcing head to snap back.

About the Author

Susan Ottevanger is the author of "Running On PREMIUM FUEL" and a survivor of a severe head injury.

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