3 Easy Steps To Turn Traffic Into Targeted Website Visitors!

by Hans Klein

Have you ever wondered why car dealerships use crazy tactics like shining lights that point nowhere into the sky, clowns walking on stilts, and balloons that tower into the sky?

These crazy ideas seem pointless. But, if you think about it, all the car dealerships are doing is setting themselves apart from the competition and getting prospective car-buyers to walk in the door.

What if you could get website traffic to "walk" to your website with the need for your goods or services?

Well, below are three ways get prospects "flying" through to your website ready to buy, just as in my car dealership example.

  1. Crazy Stunts - You may be asking "How are you supposed to do that on the internet?"
  2. Your website is your salesperson. Its job is to inform the visitor and make the sale. Of course, your options on the internet are different than the car salesman's, but the technology the internet provides offers many new possibilities, like pop-ups.

    When pop-ups first started to appear, they were a novel idea and led to dramatic profits for those who created them.

  3. Offer special deals - Just in the past few months have top marketers really begun experimenting with special offers for their products with the technology the internet provides.
  4. Right now, they are becoming widely used in timed pop-ups with a special price or gift, if you order within (usually) 20 minutes.

    Effectively marketing special offers is still developing on the internet, but if you are able to do it in a tempting manner, it will pay off for you in a big way.

  5. Finally, give the customer the product they want - The most important aspect in turning traffic into website visitors is to offer something that the market demands.
  6. Car dealerships offer a product that just about anybody wants or needs. This allows their crazy stunts and special offers to work, because if nobody wanted a car, then nobody would respond to their promotions.

    This same thinking is true on the internet. You must offer a product or service that is in demand, or your hard work and effort will not pay off.

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