How to Make Your Website Visitor Trust and Like You

by Hans Klein

What I am about to share with you could mean the difference between making or losing potential sales.

At first, all prospects are distrustful when they first come into contact with your website. All they want to know is what's in it for me? You are asking them to trust you, trust in the benefits of what you are selling, and, ultimately, to part with their money.

In the world of selling clothes, cars, and other consumer goods, trust is often gained by asking the customer about his family, hobbies, and what the prospect does for a living.

On the internet, it is the sales letter that does all the selling for you. So, how do you make the client feel like you are talking with him if you can only talk?

The answer lies in already knowing what your customer wants to hear.

3 Ways To Ensure That Your Customer Will Trust You:

  1. Investigate your target market and address concerns. - Knowing the concerns, desires, and potential objections of your prospects is absolutely vital if you want to sell to them. You must know what they are yearning for and then let them know your product is the solution with great benefits to them.
  2. Compliment your prospect. - Tell your prospects that they are smart for looking for your products and let them know you like them.
  3. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. - People like buying from people who they feel are just like them. So, if your target audience likes fishing, so do you.

The One Simple Rule To Make The Customer Like You: Give Your Customers What They Want!

There are always going to be customers who are never happy with what they receive, but you can reduce the number of people who feel that way by giving your customers value.

Two easy ways to get your visitor to see value are to:

  1. 1. Get Your Customer To Agree By Explaining Why.- One of the most powerful psychological triggers that influences your customer to do what you suggest is to tell them why they need to do it. So, if you're selling an information product on how to cut hair, step-by-step, then you probably want your customer to do exactly as you say to do.

    If the customer decides to skip a step and someone gets a bad haircut, then that customer is no longer going to like you very much because he now associates you with everybody laughing at the bad haircut he gave.
  2. Make your product look professional. - "Don't judge a book by its cover" is a good rule to follow, but when someone is doling out hard-earned money, the customer sometimes judges how the product is even before using what you have to offer.

The bottom line of how to get your customer to like and trust you is to simply make the customer happy. If you can do this, then you will have a customer for life and more success will follow.

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