5 Surefire Tactics to Increasing Your Website Sales and Profits!
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If your business is online to profit, then you know how important it is to convert your visitors into paying customers. Despite this, a common question I get asked by my clients is:

"I'm getting tons of hits to my page, but I'm not making any sales! What's going on Adam?"

Without doubt, the most rewarding point of selling online is when you can witness with your own eyes, your website visitors spending their hard-earned money on YOUR products...

But why are the MAJORITY of webmasters failing to obtain a lucrative profit stream from their site, even WITH a constant flow of traffic?

More importantly, what can you do right now to INSTANTLY increase your website's selling power?

(1) Attract *TARGETED* traffic....

It's a proven fact that targeted traffic will result in a greater visitors- to-sales ratio (also known as a sales conversion rate).

Therefore, spending $50 on targeted traffic can be more profitable then spending over $500 on untargeted traffic.

Why? Simply because the visitors derived from the targeted traffic WANT what you have to offer. Thus, they will be much more responsive to your website.

Two effective methods of driving targeted traffic to your website are bidding for targeted keywords and key phrases at pay-per-click search engines such as Goto.com and via ezine marketing.

While you can target more accurately with pay-per-click search engines, e-zine advertising is considered much more effective as the visitors are of higher-quality and are usually more responsive.

(2) Grab Your Visitors Attention *INSTANTLY*....

How? By utilizing a concise, benefit-filled HEADLINE!

Your headline is the MOST important step of keeping your potential prospect interested in what you have to say.

If you are selling an e-book teaching how to generate targeted traffic to your site and you also offer a money-back guarantee, then don't say "Welcome to YourDomain.com", instead convey the biggest benefit of your product.

An example of an effective headline for this product could be:

"Discover PROVEN Strategies to Generating an Avalanche of High-Quality *Targeted* Traffic to YOUR Website in Only 10 Days or Less... GUARANTEED!"

One style of headlines which usually work well online are the short 'How To' headlines. For example, "How To Increase Your Website Traffic By OVER 1000% In 2 Weeks Or Your Money-Back!"

(3) Implement The *DIRECT RESPONSE* Principle....

The direct response principle is simply the means of selling products online via a SALES LETTER.

It doesn't have to be the only page of your site, nor the front page, but it must be accessible on your website. Despite that, do NOT hide your sales letter amongst a huge pile of links.

If you look at any website that makes a lot of sales on a daily basis and you'll notice that they ALL make money from direct response sales letters.

Don't be fooled into thinking your site must be content-rich in order to sell it's products. You can have tons of free articles, contests, and surveys, but if there's no sales letter - you're killing the potential of your online business.

(4) Prove You Care With Customer *TESTIMONIALS*....

If you don't have any testimonials or positive comments from your customers, just ASK! Send an email to your customers and say you'd like some feedback, it need not be anything complicated.

Then collect and compile your most attractive comments and display them throughout your sales copy on your site. The testimonials will reinforce YOUR creditability which equals more sales - meaning more profit for you.

Before copying these comments, ensure you personally request permission from the customer first. And ask if they don't mind you adding their name, email and website address at the end of it. While adding these details aren't necessary it will add to the creditability of the testimonial itself.

(5) Utilize A Solid And Effective *GUARANTEE*....

Making a simple change to your existing guarantee can result in an instant boost in sales... IF done properly!

When writing your guarantee always remember that your aim is to eliminate all danger and worries of your customers. If you do so by removing the risk with a money-back guarantee, for example, you will make it a much easier choice for people to consider your offer.

But by making your guarantee even more powerful, you'll also benefit from clients who will love you for your support and create word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

Here's an example of poor guarantee:

"If you're not satisfied with our product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase, and receive a full refund." 

And here's one I came across recently:

"If you're at all undecided about MYKS!, just take advantage of our guarantee. Buy it, download it, review it... if you don't like it, just ask for your money back. We won't be upset, that's what the guarantee is for."

You may have noticed the above guarantee as the same used very effectively by Ken Evoy for his Infopreneur's Toolkit , "Make Your Knowledge Sell!".

He completely removes the risk by explaining exactly how to use the guarantee -- he literally ASKS for you to take advantage of the guarantee!

Take a look at his other website's and see how he use's strong guarantee's to capture customers that would have previously not ordered.


By applying all of the above tactics to your website, you're virtually guaranteed to increase your sales and profits almost instantly.

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Adam Kling is the founder of MyBizHosting.com where he offers professional web hosting with FREE 10 minute setup's and LIVE interactive web hosting support. Click on this link for more info:  www.Killer-Profits.com

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