Success Made Simple

by Nava Bromberger

The Internet is the best thing to happen to the small business person in many years. Some would say that it's the best thing to *ever* happen to business at all!

While it is true that the Internet empowers anyone with a dial-up connection to go into business, that ease of entry can often lead to a false sense of security.

The real bottom-line is this. While you can get into business in 15 minutes, it takes time to succeed and build any business. Even on the Net.

The good news, the great news, is that you can do this! The Internet is perhaps the most level playing field known to mankind.

If you have the drive and determination, and will back those attributes up with patience and persistence, success will indeed be yours.

With that in mind, here are my four keys to success on the Internet.

Before we begin, please remember that you are investing your time, talents and energies. Value them and treat them as you would any investment.

Now, my top four ways to succeed online.

1. Choose your business carefully.

It is very easy to become excited by the words we read on a web page. The people who host these pages pay big bucks to make sure their words excite us. But not every opportunity is for every person.

So how can you know what's right for you? Ask yourself these questions.

IMPORTANT: Remember that the company must qualify to get you to work with them, not the other way around. In many cases you will spend money on a business opportunity. When you do, never forget that you are the customer.

2. Make Time Your Ally

Once you choose a business be sure to commit to give that business a fair chance to succeed before deciding to make any changes. Far too many people join a 'program', don't make any money in the first three or six weeks and then search for the next program.

Remember this. You don't need a program. You are opening a business. And like any business it takes time to succeed.

Another way to make time your ally is to use automation. Learn about things like autoresponders (programs that send out email while you sleep!), accepting credit cards online and more. In order to capitalize on the 24/7 nature of the Internet you will need to use automation to your advantage.

3. Find A Mentor

We all need help from time to time. Why should you re-invent the wheel when so much of the work has been done for you? If you are involved in Network Marketing you should expect your upline to be a mentor to you.

To be clear, when I say mentor I don't mean a best friend who drops by for coffee every Saturday morning. I do mean that you need someone to ask questions of, someone to run ideas past, and someone who will protect your best interests and work toward your success.

4. Avoid "Dead Sea Syndrome"

What I call "Dead Sea Syndrome" is simply being a person who is always taking in but never giving out. To be sure, you will spend a great deal of time and energy learning any business you choose. After all, we must know our product and business to succeed. But there will come a time when you can be a mentor to someone with the same questions you once had.

When that time comes, complete the circle by publishing a free report, take a phone call or write an ezine. When you do you will learn even more and be a blessing to others as well.

Success can be simple. The Internet makes it even more so. All it takes is careful decision making, a firm commitment to your goals and priorities and a little help along the way.

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Nava Bromberger publishes Marketing Twist ezine. Why do some people struggle to make money online while others just rake in the cash? If you make less money than you want to, you need a twist ... a Marketing Twist.

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