Basics of Building a Successful Home Business

How to avoid the basic mistakes that 90% of online marketers make.

by Michael Bosse

The internet is a battle field. With the thousands of people trying to get rich quick. There are schools of thought which say that if you have an outstanding product you will succeed. Some say that you need the right tools, and yet others will tell you it's all about the ad copy.

Friend, there is no one thing you can do to become rich in internet marketing. Instead it is a collaboration of tasks that make the wealthy, wealthy and the successful, successful in this game.

Let's go over them shall we.

1. A great product that's in high demand.

Not to hard, there are hundreds of affiliate programs out there that offer products that are in high demand. It is best to stick with informational products since they are the best sellers. Nutrition and business services are also hot sellers and so it's up to you.

2. Here's one you've probably heard before. An opt-in subscriber list.

You absolutely must have a base of loyal readers who trust your judgment. This way you will always have customers. This in itself is not a secret, BUT it IS the foundation of success in marketing.

3. A website.

I don't care how many premade cookie cutter sites you have collected from affiliate programs through out the net. You have to have your own site. Why?... because you can't alter affiliate websites. This means you will never be able to exchange links with other sites, which is the key to a high search engine ranking.

4. Automation!

No successful marketer is out there writing follow up letters to there subscribers by hand.

Take a look at these figures.

*The average person needs to see an offer 7 times before they decide to buy!

*The average conversion rate from prospect to customer is a whopping 1%!

Are you kidding me! 1%! that means if you sent your sales pitch to 10,000 prospects, you come out with 100 sales! And these people need to see that offer 7 times before they even can make a decision!

The answer to this dilemma is autoresponders. You need to have an autoresponder that will automatically follow up with people who have requested information on your product or service. And you need to preset this autoresponder with at least 7 sales letters so that you don't lose any possible sales.

5. Ad Copy. Also known as a sales letter.

Your ability to convince people that they NEED your service.

Marketers = salesman

Remember this! if your in the marketing game on any level. You're a salesman. You have the same agenda as the door to door vacuum cleaner guy. You may not like this analogy, but the sooner you realize this truth the better off you will be.

To market is to sell and if you want to sell you have to know people. You have to know what to write that will make there mouths water and there wallets open.

6. And last but certainly not least...Ad Tracking.

You need the ability to see how your ads are doing once you send them out. This may not seem important, but fail to do this and you're throwing money out the window. If you don't track your ads and let's say you advertise in 5 different publications. How will you know which one is brining you the most prospects, and which one is bringing you the least.

Wouldn't you want to know this so that you can stop placing ads in the worst places and put that money into the better ones? Don't neglect this. This is what people mean when they talk about making $10 for every $1 that you spend on advertising!


These are the secrets to wealth. I'm telling you, after extensive research and over $1,000 dollars to access private information. This is the way to do it. There are a few other tricks and strategies you can use but none that have the proven duplicatable history of success as those I have outlined here today.

Keep your head high, and continue to persevere!

Never Stop,

Michael Bosse

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