Effective Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business

by Dwayne McLean

Your business has one main goal in mind - that is to increase your sales. To accomplish this you need to attract attention to your Business products and services. You need more visitors to your store or traffic to your website... whatever the case may be. The more business leads you get, the more customers you will have, and ultimately your sales volume will increase.

There are many methods that you can use to bring in leads for your business. The methods that we will tell you about are simple and low cost... yet they are very effective. Here are some of the methods that are known to be effective in generating leads:

Offer Free Vacation Vouchers

I know what you are thinking... A Free Vacation? Who is going to believe that! Here is how it works... hotels frequently give away free rooms in order to get people in their hotels hoping they will spend money on their services. Most recipients of free vacations stay longer than the amount of complimentary nights offered, and most require other travel services such as airline reservations and auto rentals.

How would you like to give your Prospects (potential customers) a Free Vacation Voucher? This successful marketing strategy has and is still being used both in Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing for generating leads. You could use these Free Vacation Voucher in a couple of ways.

One way is to give a Voucher to acquaintances that you think may be interested in buying or may tell other people about your business.

Secondly, you could present your Free vacation offer through online and offline advertising. For example, you could submit a Classified Ad offering a Free Vacation for the next 100 visitors that come to your website, subscribe to your Newsletter, download your Ebook, attend your information seminar, download your demo software... or any other marketing activities you have going on. You are getting Free Publicity from every one of these people that are receiving these vouchers. Use your imagination.. the list of ways that you could use these vouchers for lead generation is endless.

These Free Vacation Vouchers are colorful and professionally designed. They come with your business information at the bottom of each voucher. They can be delivered to your place of business within 2-5 business days.

The same thing can be done with your customers. How would you like to offer your Customers a Free vacation? Give them a Free Vacation Voucher to say that you appreciate their patronage. You would be surprised what that will do for your business. These satisfied customers will spread the word about how much they liked your products or services. They will, no doubt be repeat customers if they ever need your line of business again.

Offer a Free E-Book

Put together some information that you feel is interesting, unique, and relates to your business. For example, you could put together content on How to do something. People love to be shown how to do something interesting and unique.

Once you have the content, you need to put it in a format that is appealing and everybody can open and read (i.e., HTML or PDF). The final touch is to generate a nice looking cover for your electronic book. The cover should be colorful and have a catchy title. The combination of a beautiful book cover with a great heading is what arguably drives a person to want to read its contents.

Once, you have created your EBook, you need to let people know about it. Have the EBook available on your website for download. When someone comes to your web site to download it, capture their information into your database by having them enter their names and email in your web form. Now, they have opted in to your database and you can follow up with them.

Publish a Newsletter

One of the most effective ways of generating leads for your business is by offering a Free subscription to your Newsletter. As with the Free Ebook, it is important when writing a newsletter that you write about something that you feel people will find interesting and unique.

Everybody has something that they can write about. What most people lack is the time to write. Even if you publish a Monthly newsletter, people will want to sign up if they feel that the topic is interesting.

Employ any or all of these well known marketing strategies, and you will notice a significant increase in website traffic and an increase in the leads generated. But don't stop there! Remember, you need to follow up with these leads and turn them into paying customers.

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About the Author

Dwayne McLean is Co-founder of Smart Marketing Central, LLC - a company providing businesses with automated marketing strategies and business resources. For more information visit: http://www.smartmarketingcentral.com

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