Follow up with your Prospects and Customers Automatically

by Dwayne McLean

Think of all the hours some companies spend following up with customers and potential customers over the telephone. Suppose you could reduce that time spent by automatically sending follow-up letters to those people.

The fortune is in the follow-up. Having a follow-up system with properly written follow-up letters can turn a 1% response rate into a 3% response rate. That could be the factor in you becoming a success story on the Internet.

Let us start by first defining a Follow-up autoresponder system. To define most simply, an autoresponder is an email address which when someone sends a message to responds back with a pre-loaded sales letter. It is a way of sending instant information to the contacts in your database. An autoresponder is available to send out sales letters 24 hours a day without any work on your part.

When a person sends a message to your autoresponder, their information (email, name, date, subject, ...) is captured. Now, the autoresponder has an email to send a letter to and a name to personalize the letter with. Now, that you have that prospects information, the autoresponder will continue to send out follow-up messages.

Here is an example. Let's say you had a customer database of 1000 names and your company just introduced a new product. To talk to each of your customers about your new product by telephone may take you a month. Why not schedule a mass emailing overnight and follow-up with those that show an interest?

Here is another example. An interested prospect sees your Classified advertisement in an Ezine or Newsletter. Your advertisement announces a free offer that your targeted audience can not refuse. Your Ad directs them to your web site. Your web site contains an Opt-in form where they sign up to receive your free offer.

Now, you have captured their contact information. Their names and email address and whatever information you ask are entered into your Opt-in database of prospects. Immediately, they are sent the free offer and your first sales letter. An Autoresponer follow-up system will continue to send more sales letters over a scheduled period of time.

The beauty of an autoresponder is the follow-ups are automatically done for you. You don't have to worry about collecting emails and sending follow-up letters. You don't have to wonder whether or not you sent the follow-up letters or who you have left to send letters to. It is completely automated for you!

It bears repeating that the follow-up is very important. Most people won't buy on their first visit to your site. They often put it off for another time. In a couple of days they forget about your business and you end up loosing a potential customer. If a consistent and scheduled follow-up is not done, you will never get the sales that you could have.

Why not have a follow-up autoresponder system in place that will routinely email your prospects and customers in your database? Your contacts will receive scheduled emails without you even raising a finger. You will be able to Cash in dozens of hours each week, caused by scheduling and performing frustrating and tedious tasks, into Productive Sales time.

Copyright © Dwayne McLean 2002.

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