PROVEN Online Business Success In 3 Easy Steps

by Mal Keenan

Building a profitable online business doesn't have to be rocket science and we can prove it with 3 easy and PROVEN steps to success.

Some marketing experts would have you believe that the key to a successful home business is limited to a select few and that this chosen bunch have tapped into vast secrets where riches are to be found in abundance.

Others will push forward the idea that their product or service is all you need to make a monthly residual income a reality.

Statistically only 5% of budding entrepreneurs will make it online.

To be perfectly honest I don't know which if any of these ideas are true but I do know what has worked for me and I believe it can work for anyone who is willing to take a risk, invest the little cash it takes and make a consistent effort for the next year or two to build their own work at home business. Note I am not saying that this will work overnight, I'm not even saying 6 months. Yes I did indeed say a year or two.

Having worked online for over five years now I believe I have finally found a PROVEN system for building a successful home business which will continue to grow year after year and, because it is MY business, it can be passed on to my children and childrens' children.

This is not a new idea but it took me a long time to realise it and just as long proving to myself that it works.

How do we know it works Mal and you're not just spurting us a load of old cobblers?

Well the proof IS in the pudding and the fact is that the five websites that I own all have a Google rank of PR6 and feature in the top pages of all the top search engines icluding Google, Yahoo and Altavista for many popular "home business"/"work at home" search terms and it is all down to my strategy.

Just do a search for the term HOME BUSINESS on Yahoo or Google and you will see my site( at number 3(At the time of writing) out of over 17 million sites.

Try doing a search for WORK AT HOME BUSINESS in the same search engines, see my site ( at number 6(At the time of writing) and climbing.

How about BUSINESS TIPS or BUSINESS NEWSLETTER, and again my site ( is number ONE(At the time of writing) for both terms. We are numer 21 in Google for the term NEWSLETTER out of 71,000,000 sites.

These results are repeated across all the major search engines.

Have you seen enough? Do you need any more evidence that this works? These are only a few of the terms that we rank highly under. We are actually in the top rankings for scores of other "home business" search terms.

I could easily put this evidence and info into e-book form and sell it but I neither have the time nor know-how to do so(If you can help me out in this area then get in touch). So I've chosen to write this article and tell you exactly how you can build your own business to great success in three easy steps.

You have the proof now here is the plan:

In a nutshell the best way to build any online business, and the least expensive, is through a twin track approach of website search engine optimisation and reciprocal link building. As I mentioned above this is not a new idea but you now that you have proof that it works, do you have the conviction to follow through?

Here it is in 3 easy steps:

  1. Register and host your own domain name: (Put some home business keywords in your domain name, ie
  2. Or:

    Get a FREE website with hosting here:

    Please don't settle for a FREE domain name as this will NEVER be your own and can be taken away from you at any time or if the company goes bust you have lost all your hard work in building your web presence. Register your own business name.

  3. Download webposition gold, optimize your site for your keywords and submit your website to all the major search engines: (You can download a free trial from this site. You will need a full version to work this strategy.)
  4. Start building those reciprocal links using linksmanager: (Put your keyword terms in your linking text when exchanging links)

I currently get around twenty reciprocal link requests per day, and this will increase with time. At the beginning I barely got two daily. It may be slow at the beginning but as your business gathers momentum after a few months it will be like a steam train at full throttle, absolutely unstoppable.

I am a 31 year old father of two from Ireland who started from scratch, so if I can do it anyone can.

Believe me people it doesn't come any more simpler than this.

So if you are serious about really building a successful online enterprise then DO IT NOW and tell me about your success in the coming months.

One more thing before closing. If you are going to give up on this strategy when you don't see immediate results then please don't even being. The key to building success is PERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE PERSISTENCE.

Mal Keenan -- Publisher of Home Business Tips Newsletter:

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