Five Fun Ideas That Increase Online Traffic

by Catherine Franz
  1. Using Hidden Links to increase subscribers or for a contest. Place a not so easy to find link in your copy and then ask people to find it. Give them a prize or freebie for finding it. Or you can give them the ebook after they find the link and click on it. By burring it inside the material, they will definitely need to read it carefully in order to find it.
  2. Have unique information? Start a member-only web site or ezine. Tell subscribers what they will receive for joining. Offer free memberships in exchange for something you want.
  3. Use viral marketing by increasing awareness about your product or service on discussion boards or blogs? Exchange your product or service with others who mentioned you on specific boards or blogs. You will need to track all these, so you will want to keep it simple.
  4. Help others set up an instant article directory. Offer your articles to be posted on their web site. This works well for others who do not write. It also creates links and increases search engine status for both of you.
  5. Create a book web site. You can do this in lieu of offering a free ebook. Market it as a free web book. The term is seldom used and builds curiosity. Design the web pages with a title page, table of contents, chapters, etc. Then place your ad or banner for your product or service on the top and bottom of every page.

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