7 Tips On How To Locate Junior Editors for Your Children's Book

Are you writing a children's book -- nonfiction or fiction?

by Catherine Franz

Here are a few tips on how to test your almost final draft. And test your manuscript on the same audience that is going to read the book. Make them junior editors.

  1. Talk with a teacher at your local school that has a classroom of your book's age group. Ask for permission to come in and read the book to the class. Video tape the children's reactions or ask two people to accompany you to record the children's reactions to direct parts of the story. Give each of the recorders a copy of the manuscript that they can write comments on in the exact location of the children's reaction. They can make smiley faces of J L to save time.
  2. Or maybe ask the teacher if she is willing to give the manuscript to students to read as an assignment then ask for the children's opinion. Have a class discussion about the book afterwards with you present.
  3. If the teacher doesn't like any of these, let her make some suggestions.
  4. Do you have children the age of your readers? Ask the parents if you could provide a manuscript for them to read and get their feedback.
  5. If this is a book that is read to children (they are too young to read yet). Find parents that frequently read to their child and have children that age. Ask them if they would read your book to them and fill out a questionnaire about their reaction. Offer to send them an autographed complimentary copy.
  6. Don't forget to place this test information and results into your marketing plan for your agent/publisher. It does make the world of different on if it is accepted.
  7. How about a Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts group? Find a few leaders and ask for their help in your goal. A local community center director might also have some ideas for how you can do the same in their center.

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