Accept Yourself

by Jennifer Brown

I grew up analyzing everything about myself, from my physical appearance, to the way I expressed myself. I always had high expectations for myself to be the most unique, or most artistic. But then, I realized something. That there is no such thing as "most" of anything. Everyone is who there are for a reason, and nobody is more special than anyone. If we were not meant to be equal, than we all would not be here. We all contribute to the world in some way, and that is why you must accept yourself for who you are.

If you feel you are worthless or insignificant, I can relate to you. I use to feel that way as well. But you have to look at the big picture: you ARE important, and you have your own unique qualities that make you who you are. It is often hard to think positive, especially if others bombard you with negative thoughts. However, you must believe that no other opinion should matter or alter the image you have of yourself. No other opinion does matter, from anyone. All that matters is how you see and accept yourself. With that attitude and understanding, you can accomplish anything.

A positive way to start changing your way of thinking is to actually list all the positive qualities that is you. Write down all the things, no matter how small or large they may seem, that makes you unique. Do not be afraid to have confidence in what you write, you have all the reason to show yourself how powerful you really are! And remember, even if you feel that your importance is small, its not. Because everything helps each other survive in life's cycle.

Read what you wrote, and look at yourself in the mirror. Study the soul behind your eyes, rather than criticize your physical appearance. Look for the good that glows from within, and embrace it. By looking deeply into yourself, understanding the reasons behind all your good and bad actions, and knowing that only how you see yourself matters, you are on a true path to self acceptance. Once you realize that you are the only you out there, and accept it, life's purpose will seem more meaningful. For the meaning you will find will glorify the beauty of your individuality, and everlasting wisdom will follow.

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