eZine Marketing: Fact or Fiction?

by Andres Munoz

Much is made about marketing your eZine using just about every angle imaginable. The only problem is that most marketers are doing it incorrectly. eZine marketing requires a real understanding of your target audience and utilizing that knowledge to create a proper strategy.

There are countless websites that allow submission of eZines to directories and just as many announcement lists. The question is: Do such directories and announcement lists really work?

The short answer is NO! Let me explain, although you can list your e-zine with dozens of directories you'll never receive any real traffic from these sites. The problem is that most beginners who use these directories are only submitting and not searching. I never once searched an e-zine directory for the sole purpose of subscribing.

Who has the time to search the tens of thousands e-zines to find the one you want? The brutal truth is that e-zine directories are a waste of time.

Four principle ways to promote your e-Zine:

There are an additional two methods for promoting one's eZine that is guaranteed to increase your opt-in list with little very effort. Savvy web marketers have already discovered the value of offering "eCourses" via autoresponder. eCourses are more palatable to visitors because most eCourses offer something of real value, while eZines may or may not offer valuable content. Including a link to your newsletter will increase the likely hood of that particular eCourse recipient to subscribe to your newsletter.

Another underused tool in eZine marketing are "Recommendation" ads. Recommendation ads are a powerful tool that can easily increase your opt-in list quickly and effectively. What makes these ads such a success is that they are written as if it came from the editor him self. Provided the eZine is of top quality the editor is a trusted source of information, readers gazing on a recommendation ad will trust that your eZine is as just as good and are more likely to subscribe.

The real trick in using these strategies is to combine several of these promotion tools into a one-two punch combination. Aggressively promote your eZine and using the above tactics and your publication will increase in leaps and bound quickly and efficiently with the prospects you want.

About the Author

Andres Munoz is the Editor of MyBiz Ezine Newsletter where he writes about the skills needed for successful internet marketing and running an on-line business. To subscribe, visit: http://www.mybusiness-resource.com/ Other articles are available from Andres Munoz in his FREE eBook, "The MyBiz Article Collection"

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