ANGER SMART: "Spiritual Relaxation"

by Ron Huxley

Anger Thought: One of the most basic techniques for managing stress and anger is physical relaxation. So how many people do you know, dealing with anger and aggression, practice spiritual relaxation? Spiritual relaxation refers to letting mental sources of tension go instead of physical sources of tension. The key to doing this is verbally forgiving others for their actions toward us. This is not easy and is why so few people practice it. But, unless forgiveness is given, there will be no real freedom from anger and aggression in your life.

Keep in mind that forgiveness is not the same as forgetting. Denial is an unhealthy behavior if practiced long term. And, pretending an offense against your life never happened is impossible. Why let your past continue to control your emotions in the present and future? Let go spiritually and find real mental peace.

Anger Action Plan: Out loud or in a journal, complete the following sentence: "Today, for my own well being, I choose to forgive these people/situations..." Do this for one week. Observe the change that comes over you during that period of time. At the end of the week, recite or write this phrase: "I release myself from the past and its pain. The people and incidents I have forgiven no longer have power over me." If your anger continues or more anger/aggression comes up as a result of this exercise, immediately see a qualified psychotherapist for more help.

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