Weight Loss & Feeling Great Go Hand-In-Hand, Right?

by Phil Beckett

A lot of women seem to have a great fear of success when it comes to weight loss. It ultimately holds them back from achieving their goals.

Many women have unsuccessfully tackled weight loss and general fitness programs in the past. These unsuccessful attempts can bring on the fear of failure in future programs.

Your problem may go deeper than that however. You may feel uneasy, even scared, when you conjure up a picture of yourself reaching your ultimate weight loss goal, being full of energy and being healthy at the same time.

Is it possible that you may actually fear the very weight loss goal that you seek?

As indicated by authorities in the field of psychology, that's precisely the situation.

With weight loss success in particular, comes the risk that your friends, family and even people you barely know will view you differently and treat you differently.

Some women feel that reaching their weight loss goal and becoming healthy and fit is just one more very big obligation in their life.

You may worry that as your weight loss becomes more evident and you see dramatic changes in your body, your personality may change too. Believe me, you can easily overcome your fears.

The fear you may have about your friends, family, etc. treating you in a different way than they did before your weight loss success, is not so easy to do away with.

Even if your craving to look incredible and experience the tremendous benefits of weight loss is the main and immediate goal in your life right now, you may still worry (like so many others do) about the reactions to your new and improved appearance.

Before realizing your weight loss success, the extra fat you carry actually may act like a protective psychological wall.

After the weight loss you're all of a sudden being showered with compliments, which in a lot of people is very hard to deal with.

You may even experience the loss of a friend or two, once the weight loss becomes more evident. These so-called friends may end up spending less and less time with you.

The real reason for this is that deep down they don't like the fact that you're improving your body, health and physical appearance and they're not.

It comes down to jealousy plain and simple. You're not the one who has a problem with your weight loss success, they are!

But just as you may have to do with your family, tell them what you're trying to accomplish and tell them how you need their support.

There is so much misinformation out there about weight loss that it puts thoughts into many women's heads that they have to exercise everyday, forever.

But this just isn't the truth.

With weight loss you sometimes have to take on difficult risks. But eventually you'll reach your ultimate weight loss goal.

For you to reach your ultimate goal, you must consistently engage in effective weight loss techniques but not every day.

It's not how much exercise you do that'll determine your weight loss and fitness success it's what you do when you're exercising, it's easier than you may think.

Don't try to come up with excuses such as "I don't have time" to exercise. You can make time if you have a plan before you start.

It's very easy to make the time for exercise and proper nutrition. You always have time, regardless of what your home and work situation is.

The bottom line is this; regardless of what your fears may be, always stay focused on your weight loss, fitness & health goals.

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Phil Beckett is the author of The New Women's Guide To Successful Weight Loss & Fitness. He's helped thousands of women with their weight loss & fitness goals over the past 14 years. Visit http://www.womens-health-fitness.com to contact Phil

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