Athlete's Foot

Health Benefit of Honey

by Khandyse Simpson

Athlete's foot can be a very discomforting thing. If left untreated it can become very irritating especially in between the toes. It feels as if some one is sticking them with needles or there are a bunch of little splinters in your feet. The common resolutions are to buy some sort of antifungal crème that may take weeks to accomplish the desired affect.

Now there is another way. And it only takes ten days. It's a little sticky and it's in your local grocery store. It's honey. It sounds a little funny, but it works.

When you go to your local market you want to look for raw honey. There is a difference. Regular honey may not be as effective. It's straight from the beehive just as it was made.

You want to rub the honey on your feet and in between your toes before bedtime every night for ten nights in a row.

You will cover your feet with a pair of socks and make sure you keep them on all night.

During the day you will wear shoes that give your feet air. Make sure the shoes you wear are not tight and you weren't wearing them during the time you discovered your problem. Those shoes hold the germs to cause athlete's foot.

Change the pair of socks you use every night that you apply the raw honey to your feet.

In ten days you should be cured. The only downfall is that unless you have a way to clean your shoes thoroughly of the bacteria you will have to throw them away.

Don't wear your new shoes until after your feet are healed.

Sweet feet may sound funny to you but it's a lot cheaper than the drug store antifungal cream and take less time. You should never see a problem again.

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