Increase Your Business Profits

While Reducing Workloads and Cutting Costs

by Dwayne McLean

You can no longer afford not to automate your business on the Internet if you expect to keep up and prosper in the 21st century. The time to be assertive and automate your business online is now!

The Internet is the future of Business Marketing. With Internet Automation your company will be ready to compete with "big business" online using an Automated Marketing System.

An Automated Marketing System is the Automation of Marketing strategies using the Internet as the Medium. This Marketing System is based on a hands-off Marketing Approach that utilizes the latest Internet Marketing tools and techniques.

A Marketing Campaign that is Internet Automated will practically run itself. Let the Internet and your computer make you profits while you sleep, play or do other activities.

Automated solutions were previously only available to large companies that could afford custom programming and database systems. Now, smaller companies can benefit from Automated Database Marketing and experience increased profits and reduced workloads.

What are the Key Components of an Automated Marketing System?

As with any system, the components that make up the system determine its worth. An Automated Marketing System consists of four main components. I feel that without these components your Marketing Campaign will be void.

- Opt-in Email Marketing
- Opt-in Web Site Marketing
- Contact Database
- Follow-up auto-responder System

The rest of this article will discuss the first key component - Opt-in Email Marketing. The remaining 3 components will be discussed in future articles.

About Opt-in Email Marketing

Opt-in Email Marketing refers to emailing people that have subscribed to receive your newsletter, free offers, promotions, and other email messages. The fact that these email recipients have chosen to receive your messages or "Opted" to be in communication with you defines the Phrase "Opt-in".

Opt-in or Permission Email Marketing is said to be one of the most effective methods of marketing your products and services - results are comparable with affiliate marketing. With Opt-in Email Marketing you can easily promote your products and services, affiliate products, business opportunities, paid advertisers, and send your newsletters practically free of charge.

New businesses are finding out that Email Marketing Automation offers their company a higher return on investment. Email marketing provides a significant savings over traditional methods such as direct mailing. With direct mailing you spend money on items like printing and postage, whereas, it is free of charge with Email Marketing.

Not only do you benefit from cost savings but you can communicate faster with your prospects. This results in higher prospect response and conversion rates. Also, Email Marketing is necessary to keep your prospects and customers, which have Opted in to in your database, informed about your products and services.

An Email marketing campaign can only be successful if you present your prospects and customers with a benefit-rich sales letter and follow-up letters. A well written sales letter will promote your products, services and offers, list your benefits and bonuses, state your guarantee, close the sale and send people to your order form. You need a well-written sales letter that is based on proven marketing techniques.

Content for sales letters is best written after extensive research, on who your targeted market is, has been completed. You need to find out the market that is interested in your product or service and target them in your sales letter. I must stress, to be successful online you have to know your Market.

Your letter should also define your Unique Selling Position (USP) to show your Market how your product or service separate you from the competition. You are dead in the water if your sales letter is without a clearly defined USP.

The fortune is in the Follow up. The follow-up letters are the key ingredient in a successful Email Marketing campaign. These letters are written using the same Marketing techniques as the sales letter. You will notice, if you have been marketing on the Internet for any length of time, that the people that are successful are the ones that consistently send follow-up emails to their prospects and customers.

We as people are lazy by nature. Not many of us are willing to follow up with our prospects and customers routinely. Most of us are not organized enough to know who we have followed up with and who we haven't. However, there is no need for you to manually follow up with your prospects. Let the power of an Automated Marketing System do the work for you. You will see that once your Email Marketing Campaign is on Auto-pilot your sales will climb to exciting new heights.

Remember, the outcome of setting up an Automated Marketing System for your Business will be a system that allows you to leverage your time and Marketing efforts and considerably reduce your Marketing costs.

Copyright © Dwayne McLean 2002.

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