Watch your Traffic and Profits Soar with Website Marketing

by Dwayne McLean

Although Email Marketing is effective by itself, your marketing efforts will be more successful if you couple it with web site marketing. You need a web presence that will draw people to your site and keep them coming back. You need a web site that will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

Do you want to increase traffic to your Web site? Want to keep track of your visitors and customers? Would you like to repeatedly send prospects and customers to your order page? Of course you do! These are the type of goals that you can achieve with a Web site that is automated.

Opt-in Web site Marketing starts with enticing people to visit your website. There are a multitude of ways to provide what I call a "Lead Generator"... you could have an Ezine (Electronic Magazine) or Newsletters, provide a free offer, free ebook (electronic book), paid advertising,... and so on.

Now you need to get your web site visitors to sign up for your newsletters, free offers, articles, services, software demos, etc. This is done through your Opt-in form or web form - resulting in their contact information being added to your Opt-in List. You want to have as many Opt-in forms on your web site as possible (next week we will discuss how you can set up your web page opt-in forms).

Equally as important, you need good Web site design and content. Your web site should not be something that you quickly throw together like you see with a lot of so called "Internet Marketers".

An example of a poorly done web site is a site that lists the business products on one page with a feature description beside each product. There is no sales page that explain to you the benefits of their products or why you should purchase their products.

A properly done web site would include a benefit-rich sales page with a killer headline for each business product. The sales page is similar in content and length to that of the Email Marketing Sales letter.

No Web site is complete without an order form or a page to tell your visitors how to order your products. Two things should take place when a customer orders your product or service. One, the order form should capture their information and send you an email notification. Secondly, the customer's information should be automatically added to the customer database.

Finally, you need to provide your customers with secure online ordering. A secure order page is a page where someone can order with a credit card. Probably 95% of my orders come through my secure order pages by credit card. If I wasn't able to accept credit cards online, I wouldn't be in business today.

Let us re-state the ingredients required to properly setup a Web site Marketing Campaign:

* Lead Generators
* Opt-in form on every page
* A well-written sales letter for your product or service
* Order form
* Online secure ordering

If you don't have these designed into your web site you are short changing yourself. Without proper Web site Marketing you will never reach the lofty goals that you have set for your Internet business.

Copyright © Dwayne McLean 2002.

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