God, Grant Me Patience.....And, I Want It Now!!

by Richard Vegas

Are you facing a difficult time in your life? Do you feel like a fish out of water? If today was a fish, would you want to throw it back in the river? If this is your situation, make no negative destructive decisions. Be Patient. Know that time can perform many miracles.

Quicker Than A New York Minute!

Yeah, I wish. But, unfortunately every time I have moved that fast it went from riches to rags. Truly, patience is one of the major ingredients that lead to consistent success. You must develop patience if you are ever going to be successful in dealing with life's problems.

Patience is not a popular subject for our, "I want it now" microwave society. Patience conjures up all kinds of thoughts like, "I might not get it"; "It might take too long"; "I might forget it", even worse. Ah, but patience is a major factor in making our dreams come true.

As I have given patience a lot of thought in my own life, here is what I have discovered. See if this pattern seems familiar to you.

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day!

Well, every time I get what I want right away, I'm just a little taken back by it. I always seem to "expect" to wait for some period of time. It just seems to be the way the universe deals with us. When something comes right away, we forget that triumph very fast and are on to the next deal.

The absolute optimum way to live would to be able to control the timing of every thing that happens to us. But, we can't. On the other side of the coin, if every thing were to just fall on us like ripe apples off a tree, we would be running all over town trying to avoid being knocked out by all the falling apples.

You've heard it said before, "God's delays are not God's denials". I believe that's true. Patience has character building power within it. Patience takes the impossibilities of life and turns them into realities. Patience can also make you feel like taking a long walk off a short pier sometimes.

Waiting Always Lasts Too Long!

That's the part of patience I want to help give you a different perspective on. Patience was designed to help us grow; to help us develop compassion and empathy, and make us strong. Not, to tear us down, to destroy our dreams, or make us wonder if our goals and objectives will ever be realized.

If you look at patience like this it might help: It was not meant to make life hard on you. Of course life is hard, that's why they pay you the big bucks. :>) Patience is part of our lives because God's timing is always better than ours. Now think about it. If you had your way, how many times would you choose to wait for something you really wanted or needed?

Your timing would always be, "I want it now"! And, if it was something that's not desirable, your timing would be to wait, and wait, and wait. So, the universe comes on the scene and says, "Wait, you're moving too fast". And we say, "No I'm not, you are moving too slowly".

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part!

And since the universe always has the final word, we find ourselves, waiting! And, because timing is so crucial to every thing in the universe, we tend to have a hard time understanding what good it is doing us, "waiting".

Here is why waiting bothers us; because we don't know exactly what's on the other end. It might turn out to be something better than sliced bread, or, I might find myself between the devil and the deep blue sea.

The first thing we do is, think of all kind of possibilities that would help us, improve our lifestyle, bring us happiness, reduce aggravation, if only this project would give in to my commands.

As soon as all those wonderful possibilities run their course through our thinking, then all the undesirable outcomes take their turn and start playing the "what if" game with us.

"What if you don't get that pay raise"? "What if you don't get that promotion"? "Be careful, or you'll poke your eye out"; and, all kinds of junky thoughts.

Now, being careful, in your ways, is fine and good. But, understand something; those thoughts are not coming to you to help you become a safe responsible person. Yes, you should. But, those thoughts have a different agenda. And, that is to inject fear into you to cheat you out of your dream.

I promise you this; the very moment you recognize the real intent of those thoughts, you will not shirk your responsibilities and become a reckless person, you will feel the inner power you've been searching for to accomplish that goal, and you will do so in a very responsible manner.

As Luck Would Have It!

I personally believe that if patience was not part of the God's way of helping us grow, we would just let the chips fall where they may.

Since we would not have to wait or resist, why bother caring what happens? It's the struggle, the fight that makes this thing personal to us. Something is trying to beat us, and we take that personally. When unemployment is trying to take your possessions, your dignity, and your self-esteem, you will take it personally!

Life Never Leaves Us With No Way Out!

Patience was not intended to be a destructive force. The lack of patience has caused much damage. Without patience there is a higher and better good that would not be possible in your life. And, that is the power of faith and hope.

Without patience you would have no hope. Everything you wanted would just fall on you. Without patience you would have no faith. All your dreams would materialize instantly. Now, don't get excited, that would really not be good for any of us. Not in this world anyway.

Richard Vegas ©

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