Persuasion In Relationships & Dating

by Kent Sayre

This may be the most valuable article you'll ever read for persuasion in relationships and dating.

See, in this article, I'm going to reveal some secrets that will make you successful in dating and relationships by successfully applying persuasion.

Print this message out. You'll want to refer to it repeatedly as your killer guide for persuasion in the relationship & dating context.

Here are a few astounding persuasion tips that will cause you to be mega-successful in ways you never could have imagined before:

  1. "Be Unique."

    Stop blending in. In direct response marketing, we have something called the Unique Selling Proposition. It basically says, "What is different about your product or service that makes me want to do business with you instead of the other guy?" Same goes for dating and relationships. If you want to attract someone, for heaven's sake avoid be like everybody else in their drop dead boring style that immediately puts people to sleep. What is unique and different about you?

    Want proof of people who routinely violate this principle? Cruise the online personals and notice how everybody is mumbling the same useless drivel. The last thing you want is to blend in. Stand out. Do something different.
  2. "Tell them what to look for."

    Many people are lost puppies when it comes to love and relationships and they don't really know what they want. They just mutter to themselves, "Well, I'll know it when I feel it." Bleh.

    To magnetically attract somebody to you like bees to honey, tell them what to look for in an ideal mate and then step into that role and be it! That's right. If they don't have any qualities for what they're looking for, tell them the qualities and then show how you fit those qualities perfectly!

    If you're already in a relationship, you can teach the person you're with the all the advantages of a person with YOUR QUALITIES and then covertly paint that persona picture of how you match up to those qualities exactly. Very good.
  3. "Smell This and Feel Good!"

    Why is it that when you smell certain scents, you recall certain memories? It's because your unconscious mind links together a stimulus with a response. Think about your favorite music and how it takes you back to certain memories.

    Well, bucko, take the wonderful feelings that the person experiences and all their greatest emotions and link them back to yourself!

    When that other person has that wonderful emotion or experience again, they're going to...get this.. THINK OF YOU...for the same friggin' reason as why you recall other past memories based upon music, a favorite smell, or something you see.

    Same mechanism at work. Just now you're using it for your major advantage.
  4. Have "Brass Balls".

    Having "Brass Balls" means having unshakable confidence even when most people would wimp out due to the gut-churning circumstances around.

    Kick the negative internal voice out of your mind. In my course, I teach you how to mute it forever!

    If you get cold, clammy hands when you're about to persuade anyone and have nervous feelings monopolizing your body, zoom back into time when you were confident.

    Relive that memory vividly and take the confidence back to the present. Then go all out and get what you want.
  5. "Be the mirror!"

    For whatever they do, do it too. You cannot go wrong when you do what they do. They'll feel an unconscious mind to you and look at you as similar to them. They'll get a funny (GOOD) feeling and won't know why but they'll feel a mysterious connection to you.

    Do what they do. Don't believe me. Try it yourself to prove it to yourself.

All the amazing details where I describe these techniques so simply that even an 11-year-old could understand are packed (and I do mean packed!) into my world class persuasion course.

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