Six Ways to Get More From Any EBook

by Leslie Lucas

While the Internet makes life easier in a number of ways, no where does it excel more than in the sharing of information. And perhaps the best way to share information is with eBooks.

I love eBooks for a number of reasons. Because eBooks can be searched, I can find the specific knowledge I need to succeed quickly and easily. I can print only the pages that apply to my current situation or I can view my eBooks on my laptop or even PDA computer.

And since eBooks are easy to produce, I get to hear from authors who might never make it through the arduous task of getting a paper book published. This lets me hear more voices, and opinions, than ever before and that helps me grow.

Best of all, eBooks are affordable. Many are even free!

Even though I love eBooks for all the right reasons, I sometimes have a hard time finding what I need among the many eBooks on my computer.

If you have this problem too, I have a simple solution for you. Here are my six ways to get the most out of any eBook you own.

1. Group Them In File Folders On Your Hard Drive.

It's easy to accumulate literally hundreds of eBooks. The problem lies in the fact that the file name on your computer doesn't necessarily reflect what the book is about.

In order to avoid confusing the cookbooks with the marketing books, make separate folders for each type of eBook you own. If you own a lot of books on one topic you could even sub- divide them into sub-folders as well.

This simple step will help you find what you need much faster, plus you'll always know just where to download your next book.

HOT TIP: Some people make a spreadsheet of their eBook inventory. This way they can see their eBooks sorted by subject, type and more at a glance. You can even add comments to the spreadsheet or indicate which books you've not yet read.

2. Learn To Scan Your eBooks

Some eBooks are short while others can be quite long. If your time is at a premium, learn to scan either the table of contents or the book itself to find just what you need.

Scanning allows you to zero in on the topic of the moment and find answers fast.

3. Print The Pages You Need Right Now

Similar to Tip #2, printing the pages you need makes your eBook mobile. You can take the printed pages anywhere you go.

It's also been reported that people can read almost twice as fast on paper than on a monitor, so you will save time here as well.

HOT TIP: To build your own library of specific knowledge just print the pages on that topic from multiple eBooks. It's a great way to get an overview understanding of any topic.

4. Bookmark Where You Stopped Reading

Most eBooks offer an electronic bookmark. It may sound simple but people lose huge amounts of time looking for where they stopped reading last.

If your eBook doesn't offer a bookmark use a sticky note to find your place when you return to your eBook.

5. Only Buy What You Really Need

Let's face it, there are about a zillion eBooks out there. While that's good, make sure to buy only what you really need.

Look for titles that are specific to your needs. Instead of buying a book on making money, look for a book about how to make money as an affiliate or as a wholesaler or as a florist. The more specific the better.

6. Ask Your Friends

In the same way that you often enjoy the same movies or restaurants as your friends do, you may find you have favorite eBooks in common.

The next time you need to find an eBook to solve a problem, try dashing off a quick email to a friend rather than firing up your search engine. Your friend may be able to save you some time by recommending just the book you need.

eBooks are a wonderful resource, full of information, knowledge, humor and encouragement. When you begin to look at your eBook collection as an asset, you'll quickly see that the information you need to succeed is waiting at your fingertips.

Happy reading!

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