How A Positive Idea Proceeds Beyond The Dream Stage

by Fernando Soave

There are "Four Success-Spotting", possibility-measuring, opportunity-testing questions most or all of which must be answered affirmatively by knowledgeable people before a positive idea, product or service proceeds beyond the dream stage.

Once you have spotted what appears to be an opportunity, give the idea chance, but don't plunge recklessly ahead without asking sensible questions.

Conduct a study, Let the study determine the success potential of an idea before you put everything into it.

1. Would your projected service or product fill a vital human need ?

It has often been said that : "The Secret of Success is to find a vital need and fill it. " For that reason, modern industries will market research a product before it is manufactured and put into the market.

2. Will your service or product inspire people?

Human beings are attracted in great numbers to the individual, the institution, the idea, or the project that inspires and uplifts the heart and the human spirit.

3. Can your product or service be done in an excellent way or an outstanding way ?

When you have the best product or service and you know it, it is no job to sell it. Excellence is one key to success. Can your product or service be monumental and instrumental ? An idea that is both glamorous and practical seldom fails.

4. Is your product or service really different ?

Is it the first time it has been done ? Does it have pace setting potential? In a highly competitive world, success come to the exceptional if the exceptional is excellent. Be different, be practical, be inspirational and you will wind up developing something that's an exceptional success. Be a pace setter.

Develop an invincible reputation as the type of institution or individual that is the first to come out with a new, exciting, practical and beautiful program, proposal, project or package.

The idea has to pass the four way success-spotting test :

  1. Is it practical ?
  2. Is it inspirational ?
  3. Is it excellent ?
  4. Is it different ?

These right questions are asked before the product or service proceeds to the manufacturing and marketing procedure.

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