The 3 Keys To Business Victories

by Sopan Greene, M.A.

No matter what business you are in there is a high chance of failure. Why? Because most people don't do the research and keep the right focus needed to succeed.

There are only 3 Keys to pay attention to if you want to thrive in the business world. The beauty of these keys is that when you master them you can always do well. If your current business ends up failing or your industry dies off it won't matter. You are your greatest asset and you can start over and build a new successful business.


Business is really just seeing what's needed and providing it. Whether your business is about products, services or both, you are providing a solution to a problem that a lot of people want (not necessarily need) a solution for.

For example, information (or "how to") products give people information they want to be able to do whatever it is that they want to do and don't know "how to" do. Truck drivers provide a solution for how to get products from one place to another. Teachers provide a solution for how to educate our children. I provide a solution for how to use internet marketing to increase profits of any business.

It's the same in every industry. Find a problem and offer people a valuable solution at a reasonable price.


To run a successful business all you have to do is track how it's operating and make sure you're taking in more money than you're spending. When you see which systems work, do more of that and you'll make more money.

For example, in direct marketing (online and offline) you always start by researching your product to make sure people actually want to buy it. Then you test and test and test until you have a great headline, great ad copy, and a great sales letter. By great I mean that your sales are skyrocketing.

Once you have those elements tested and proven all you have to do to make more money is to get your ads, headline and sales copy in front of more eyeballs of people who want the solution you're providing. Give 'em what they want and they'll buy.


This one here is probably the skeleton key (you know, the one that unlocks every door) to your success. Applied knowledge has been considered the main key to business success in the "information age."

Now we're moving into the "adaptability age." No matter how much you know and how much action you take, you're dead in the water if you can't be flexible and change with the times.

What we've seen in the past 60 years of business is that our world continues to change faster and faster each year. Entire industries are replaced by new technologies. The people who don't pay attention to this are left laying by the side of the road wondering what they'll ever do for work again. Lets face it, job security doesn't exist anymore.

Take farming for example. Family farms are an extinct breed now and corporations with smart machines have taken over. If you've been farming for 30 years and you can't afford to farm anymore because of how factory farms have taken over the industry, what are you going to do? Farming is a valuable skill, but it only works for farming.

If an unemployed farmer is adaptable he can look at the world today and look for an opportunity. He can find a problem that needs to be solved, provide a solution for it, figure out if the numbers are profitable and if they are he'll create a successful business.

Beyond this, I believe in multiple streams of income. Just like you know you shouldn't have all your money invested in one stock, I think it's nuts to try to live on one income source in these times.

Why do most folks have one job they don't like and that doesn't pay well and think their lives will ever get better? Create a business you love instead so you'll be turned on which will make you happy no matter how much money make or don't make.

Why not make front end, back end and residual income from many sources like internet marketing, network marketing, internet auctions, creating new products, real estate, stocks & bonds, govt tax liens, options, trusts, discounted mortgages and even keep your regular job (if you love it). Put the extra cash into different solid investments. Just a thought to consider.

Start with using these 3 Keys in your current business with an eye to the future.

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