Choose the Right Vitamins
by Ryan Freeman

I have done quite a bit of research on nutrition and I have learned a lot of information about multilevel corporations and people trying to rip you off. Unfortunately people are very greedy and would love to take advantage of someone just to make money. People who haven't been educated on nutrition and what to look for in a company are likely to fall into one of the traps from a "nutrition company" that really doesn't know much at all about health and nutrition.

After all of my research and cross-examination of products out on the market I have found that the same vitamins that I have been taking since I was about two years old are the best that money can buy. Those vitamins I have been taking for so many years are from the oldest vitamin company in the world, Shaklee. Shaklee has completed over $150 million dollars in clinical testing. They were founded in 1956 and Dr. Shaklee started producing his own vitamins before going public since 1917. Personally I am convinced that Shaklee, because of their research, is the number one nutrition company in the world. If you are considering another nutrition company, ask them a few basic questions to see if the company has even a chance to be a good company:

If any of these most basic questions can not be immediately answered by a company or someone who is trying to sell you a product, I strongly suggest that you turn down that product and don't waste your money on it. If a company doesn't do any quality control tests on its products there is no way that it can have a safe and effective product. The number of years that a company has been around shows experience. If a company doesn't even have a factory or processing plant, then there is absolutely no way that they can do quality control tests on their products. It just means that they are paying some other company to make products for them.

I hope that this information will prevent people from wasting their money on worthless or dangerous products.

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