by Susan Ottevanger

95% of those who go on a diet and lose weight gain it all back and more, in a matter of months. This in spite of the hundreds of diet books and the vast amounts of money thrown at the problem over many decades. People still buy into thumb rings and magic powders because ya feel, deep down, that a human eating food on Planet Earth shouldn't have such a tough time of it. With that, I couldn't agree more!

Here's the basics for what has worked for me (40 pounds) and many others for over a decade:


    Protein is digested by acids, carbohydrates by alkalis. Acids and alkalis attack each other, give you indigestion and turn your food into low grade fuel that keeps you hungry. High protein diets "work" (bad breath, strained nerves, cloudy thinking and only temporary loss) simply because you stop mixing meat and potatoes. Carbohydrates are not the problem, and it is unnecessary and unhealthy to eliminate them. Eat meat, eat potatoes, on the same day, just not at the same meal. When you start eating what you can use, you quit over eating.

    Eat lots of raw fruit and raw and/or lightly cooked non-starchy vegetables. Avoid being hungry, it puts a body into "famine mode", lowering your metabolism so you can't lose, even on days of next to nothing. This is especially true for females. Having plenty of produce gives you nutrients, plus a sense of abundance, so your body feels free to burn calories.


    How Diet Sodas Make You Fat If you answer thirst with a diet soda, especially one with caffeine, here's what happens: The caffeine stimulates your appetite, so you crave simple carbohydrates. Caffeine and other chemicals in the soda are diuretics, and actually pull water from your body. When the message "I'm thirsty" backfires, the body may try "I'm hungry", just in hope of getting some food with water content. Add to this the effects of the artificial sweetener. When the body gets the sweet taste, it expects a fast burning fuel. When it doesn't find it, it demands it, and makes you hungry.

    There are many aches and pains we write off as getting older which are actually symptoms of dehydration. Also, a shortage of water is the big enemy of an exercise program. When it hurts to move, your body sends a message that what you are doing is bad for you, and the rowing machine or running shoes will stay under the bed no matter what the mind says.


    Refined sugar, addictive as nicotine, causes a serious mineral imbalance that is linked to a huge range of diseases, from high cholesterol to yeast infections. There was no diabetes before refined sugar. Eliminating it from your diet is a challenge because it is in almost all packaged foods, not so much for flavor, but because it is so habit forming. Getting rid of it is vital to feeling good and distinguishing appetite from addiction.


    Forcing yourself to "work" out is an uphill battle. Believe it or not, your body wants to move, just not be bored. If you can't recall what "play" is, watch some small children or large dogs for a while, it will come back to you. Find something that inspires you and set your own program. Even a rowing machine gets interesting if it is part of a plan to go sea kayaking. You may not have a solid hour every day to spend at the gym, but every few minutes you can sneak in moving around will add up to your benefit.

About the Author

Susan Ottevanger is the author of "Running On PREMIUM FUEL". Visit her
website for more information, a FREE print out of the 'Fuel Food Formula
and to order her book for the whole story, with many recipes converting
favorite dishes into delicious FUEL.

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