Churchill's Two Leadership Secrets

by Syd Stewart

Churchill became Prime Minister of the UK in 1940 and for five years directed the UK war effort with great perseverance and courage. He was deemed an outstanding and great leader.

So what were his leadership secrets? Here are two:

  1. Churchill gave extremely clear written detailed instructions on what he wanted to happen. He left no room for his expectations not to be met.
  2. Churchill kept himself well informed with first hand information. He always wanted to visit the troops near the front line. He wanted to watch the air-raids on London.

Is someone always letting you or your business down?

When your employees let you down, have you given them exact clear instructions of who, what, where and when?

I am interested in how Nature's ways and strategies can be applied to creating a great business. So how does Nature relate to Churchill's leadership?

Nature controls it's gene reproduction with extremely few faults - one fault or mutation in a billion reproductions. The controlling DNA instruction or code, a sequence or permutation of only four building block chemicals, is clear, simple, and unambiguous.

In leadership, you need a way of controlling or preventing faults or omissions. You need to give clear instructions or commands or prepare clear procedures for your staff to follow.

Also, in Nature you need to be sensitive to the environment and be able to adapt to remain the fittest. Remember, Darwin's survival of the fittest.

Yes, you could say Churchill was constantly sensing the environment first-hand and adapting his actions.

Have any of your problems developed because you really did not know what was going on in your business and it's environment? If so, follow Churchill's lead and get out there and find out first hand what is going on.

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