How to Wash Sun Screens

Have you ever Wondered how to wash you sun screens and keep them from looking streaked? Here are some tips that will help from a professional window cleaner.

There are three ways to clean sun screens

1.) Use a scrubber that you would use to wet your windows while washing them. These can be purchased from any window cleaning supply store but make sure they hold a lot of water. Dip the scrubber in a solution of four teaspoons of dishwashing liquid per gallon of water. Then scrub the sun screen in a circular motion while the screen is leaning up against a fence or some other rigid structure. While the screen is still wet, tap the screen (if size permits) against the ground to shake out excess water. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off the screen and make sure that you continually reposition the cloth so the dry part is in contact with the screen. Use more than one cloth if needed. This method only requires that you clean the side of the screen that you see when the screen is on the window.

2.) Use a power washer and set tip to spray water in a fan pattern. Hold so the fan is around six inches wide and slowly move in overlapping pattern over the screen. Repeat on the other side and dry screen in the sun.

3.) Use this method only if you do not mind your windows being hard to clean a few months down the you are selling your home. Use armor-all and spray liberally on the screen. Wipe off excess. Warning the armor-all will stick to your windows the next time you clean so this may not be the most practical solution.

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