Keeping your Make-Up Fresh All Day the Mary Kay Way

by China Oliver

Well summer is here and so is the heat. I know of a way to keep your make-up looking fresh all day. Imagine, when it is time to go home looking as fresh as you did when you went into the office.

Of course, it all starts with the best skin care. A clean canvas so to speak. I start with the Time Wise Miracle Set by Mary Kay. This set includes the Time Wise 3 in 1 cleanser. This is a cleanser, exfoliator and toner in one easy step. Next you apply the Day Solution for mornings then follow with the Age Fighting Moisturizer. For nighttime use the Night solution. Within weeks your skin will show noticeable difference in softness and the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. No kidding!

After my skin is clean and moisturized I apply Mary Kay's Triple Action Eye Enhancer. This product helps to give eyes a younger look and helps eye color resist creasing and fading.

To keep my lips looking good I use the Triple-Action Lip Enhancer. Twice a week I use the entire Satin Lips Set. my lips are always soft and supple and because of the Triple Action Lip Enhancer my lip color stays on longer.

Since it is summer and from time to time we all "glisten" I use the Oil Mattifier by Mary Kay. This definitely is a must for the summer shine on the face.

Once I have applied the supplements I continue with my foundation. My personal favorite it the Crème to Powder Foundation. Mary Kay has five different foundation. (see my website for details.)

I use my fingers to apply. This is the best way to apply for best coverage. I lightly dust my face with powder from a brush. Next is the color, blush, eyes lips.

The final step is powder this time with a sponge in downward strokes. This will give you a flaw free look. With out looking mask-like.

The most important thing to have on hand are the Beauty Blotters. These will be your best friend. Don't overload your face with product just simply blot. Mark Kay's Beauty Blotters Oil Absorbing Tissues are ultra thin tissues that keep your look fresh all day.

I have been wearing cosmetics for years. Mary Kay really is the best. It is no wonder it is America's Best Selling Brand.

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