7 Tips To Improve Your Credit Ratings And Scores

  1. Pay your bills on time. Payment history is very important.
  2. Don't apply for many credit cards at one time (you will look like desperate).
  3. Pay down debt on each card. Don't be maxed to the limit.
  4. Be careful when using a credit repair company. It may show as a negative on your credit report.
  5. Move unsecured (credit cards) to a secured debt (home equity loan).
  6. Review your credit report to make sure there are no mistakes.
  7. Close any store charge cards that are not needed.

About the Author

Timothy Liptrap, Editor of the 101 Financial Lessons newsletter. The newsletter is designed for teachers and parents to help teach children financial and money management skills. To subscribe visit for free visit http://www.101financiallessons.com

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