The Coming Of Digital Dining

My name is Alva Young. I have worked within the technology sector most of my adult life, until side-lined a year ago with prostrate cancer. I have spent most of this last year developing a real and imaginative format for a new experience in "Dining Out."

I have formed a business plan around franchising this new and exciting proposal. Within the language of the proposal is the blueprint for launching a new breed of restaurant that will cater to any taste in cuisine. Not only will the patron and his or her family have their choice in a large variety of food, they will be ordering it from a pull down menu on a large screen monitor at the end of the table.

The patrons Los Angeles relatives fill the table on the screen as if they were seated at the end of the same table. There is no waitress to enter the private family style room. The restaurant receptionist will come into the bottom corner of the screen to introduce your cook. A dumb waiter will deliver the meal direct from the kitchen without a waiter.

These dinners are by appointment only, and will set friends and family together across states, or continents. The kids can play video games with their cousins in a kids corner, while adults enjoy an after dinner visit.

These diners will be of a special functional design accommodating valet parking, centralized food handling and preparation areas. Each popular kitchen such as Tony Romas, or Taco Bell Will lease their own food preparation area and not have to worry about having any employees. The personnel for valet parking, maintenance, and cleaning will also be a franchise of its own. The top floor of the digital diner will contain all communications equipment, with a CPS tower leased to a communications carrier.

The patrons can charge their appointments and purchases on a major credit card, or be issued a private "smart card."

A year ago, this would have been a convenient extension of video conferencing exclusively for the very affluent. However, in the wake of recent disasters within the stock and bond markets, the cost of broad band communications have reached an all time low.

As recent as a year ago, the maintenance cost for a single trans-Atlantic fiber optic strand, averaged twenty five thousand dollars per year. That cost is now less than two thousand dollars per year. This brings the concept of consumer level video service within the disposable cash range of most every citizen. Broad band video is here.

It was only a dozen years ago that analog cell phone cost dived to the basement with the evolution of digital PCS. This proved to be an impressive improvement in personal communications availability within consumer financial reach.

My proposal does not re-invent the wheel. This new concept in dining out will employ technology already in place. Franchising will eliminate the need for raising huge amounts of capitol. These units will spring up from all over the country. In a few years they will dot the country side like Mc Donald's or a Burger King.

The franchisor will not have the hectic daily routine of running the business as a lord over employees, and saddled with payroll taxes. Everything from the occupants of the many food preparation areas, to the janitorial and clean-up crews will be contracted. The PCS communications tower will also be on a long term lease with the Carrier paying for the privilege of having their tower on the building.

This point in history finds the American public concerned about traveling, and in deep concern about the possibility of war with Iraq. The airlines will suffer at the event of Digital Diners. However, opportunity exist to work out unilateral marketing deals with the many airlines including issuing digital diner gift certificates with collection of airline miles. This cost can be redeemed by the airline at wholesale cost, as opposed to giving that same customer a free ride.

All in all, this digital diner concept is an idea who's time in history is ripe for entry into a changing world. Anyone that would like more information on the franchising opportunities within this new and exciting business arena should contact, Alva Young by e-mail.

About the Author

I am about to turn senior citizen, after a lifetime of roaming the world as a professional adventurer. My degree is in electronics. I started my world wandering career, first as a member of an oceanographic crew for Texas Instruments, then as a private consultant with my home base in Singapore.

I hired out to major Oil Companies to travel into unknown regions of Borneo, Sumatra, and New Guinea, opening up the country for exploration. I built base camps, organized the natives, and set up communications links for incoming logistics operations. I also conducted seismograph surveys on the high seas for over a decade, as well as exploring the sands of the Rub Al Kahli in Saudi Arabia. I have a life time of adventure behind me, and have written a book on my view of the State of the Union. It is called Blind Spots. I am presently creating a soap opera for a new magazine "Latin Flavors." This magazine will present its first issue around the end of this month. My new feature soap opera is called, "Within The Web." It is a fun project with the accumulative episodes tied into a book at the end of each year. I am presently involved in my new book "The Mad Hatters." This new work is a chronicle of my previous adventures running whiskey into Saudi Arabia, and smuggling crocodile skins from the Fly River country into Singapore. Not all my adventures were in the service of some large oil company.

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