The Pros and Cons of Three Common Internet Marketing Strategies

by Hans Klein

Have you ever been confused by two different strategies in your online marketing efforts?

I see the inconsistency of ideas all the time, whether I am sending out my ezine or selling products online. So, in this article, I will quickly go through the two different sides of three, largely-debated issues and let you decide what is best for you by pointing out the pros and cons of each issue.

Three Common Online Marketing Debates

1. Html vs. text format emails- The question over which of these two formats work best is a big debate. Some people say the internet is not ready for HTML, while others say HTML is taking over.

Pros of HTML

Cons of HTML

Pros of Text

Cons of Text

Final Thought- My personal favorite format is HTML because you can overcome the cons simply by keeping the HTML simple. You can do this by only including one, or at most two, graphics and following a letter format.

2. Long vs. short copy - Another way of putting this would be to ask, "How long should a sales letter be?"

Pros of long copy

Cons of long copy

Pros of short copy

Cons of short copy

Final thought- The bottom line of this issue is you need to address all the issues of your product. If the salesletter ends up being short and you do address all objections and give benefits, your sales won't be effected.

3. The question of pop-ups

Pros of pop-ups

Cons of pop-ups

Final thought- Pop- ups are becoming less effective, but they still work in increasing sales and subscribers. To answer the question of how many and whether you should use pop-ups, you need to ask yourself if the pop-up is necessary.

To answer if the pop-up is necessary you need ask:

Is your subscriber sign-up form clearly visible and do they draw your visitors' attention?" If the answer is no, then maybe pop-ups are the solution for you.

With products, you need to ask " Does this product fit in with the product on the main page?" If the answer is no, then your visitor probably won't be interested in the pop-up, and it is not worthwhile to use it.

There are many other debates going on and new ones are constantly emerging. For more powerful internet marketing articles full of strategies to help you quickly and easily promote your business or product on the internet just visit

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