How To Explode Your Subscriber List, FREE!

by Vicki Ballard

How To Explode Your Subscriber List FREE!

Well, you have your autoresponder or list service set up.

Your Ezine is jampacked with great information, and lots of bonuses.

Now, Who do you send it to?

Do NOT "rent a list"!

Do NOT "harvest addresses" from sites!

Do NOT "SPAM" in any way shape or form!

I cannot stress this point enough!!!!!!

A person who "spams" is killing their business, before it gets off the ground.

"Spamming" is not professional, is not appreciated and is very rude. It can also get you into very serious trouble with your ISP.

With that said, there are other ethical methods for bringing in subscribers.

To start: In your search engine, type in "ezine announcement lists".

All of the web sites found here will let you announce your ezine FREE. You may have to register with some sites, but it is well worth your time for the exposure it gives you.

You could spend days just listing your ezine on these sites.

Do as many as you possibly can. Do more than your competitors.

By listing your ezine- you have now put your ezines name in front of anyone and everyone looking for ezines or looking to purchase ad space in ezines. Be sure to list your prices as well.

For more FREE exposure, go back to your search engine and type in "free classifieds".

Write a short, attention grabbing ad describing your ezine and offering something free for a subscription to your ezine. This could be an article you've written yourself.

Spend another day or two placing FREE ads all over the net and watch your list start to grow.

BUT, By far the GREATEST way to pull in subscribers for your ezine, is to write your own articles and submit them to other ezines and ezine announcement lists.

In return for using your article, ezine owners will allow you to add a 4 to 5 line resource box at the end.

Subscribe to a few ezines and check out the resource boxes at the end of the articles. This will give you an idea of how to write your own.

Once people read your article, they will see your resource box.

Not only will submitting articles bring in subscribers for your ezine, it will also put your name out there as one of the "experts".

So, as you can see- you can pull in subscribers fast, and FREE!

You may spend more time doing FREE promotion, but if you are on a tight budget and determined to succeed- this is a good place to start.

Of course, once you start seeing an income, you should move up to purchasing leads.

Sorry Folks, thats another article:)

See You At The Top,

Vicki Ballard

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