The Top Seven Secrets Every Internet Marketing Beginner Needs To Know

by Gavin Hurt

Do you want your new home business to soar sky high? These proven tips will increase your success.

1. Do not get caught up in every on-line program offering a get rich quick scheme.

A little planning and learning now will save you time and money in the long run. You will also have less embarrassing stories to tell in the future.

2. Get on the internet marketing forums and read, learn and ask questions.

Do you think the "Gurus" knew what they were doing right from the start? USE these valuable sources, the information is FREE and others will help you on your journey.

These kind of posts will catapult your knowledge immensely:

Does anyone know if "X" program is legit? Where can I find "X"? What does "X" mean?

Check out the number one internet marketing forum

3. Don't listen when they say "You don't even need your own web site". It's not true!

Once you have followed secrets 1 and 2 get a site quickly. It makes you look more professional and credible. Your opportunities are endless with the right site combined with the right knowledge.

A fantastic FREE complete money making web site can be obtained here:

The best web hosting available (they pay you to use it)

4. You have to be organised.

Make a folder on your desktop called Create other folders inside for your various accounts. One for your web host account, one for your affiliate programs, one for your autoresponder etc, etc. Save all the necessary information in each folder (statistics, usernames, passwords, invoices, newsletters) Create a spreadsheet for your monthly costs and incomings.

This will keep everything focused, tidy and easy to work with.

5. You need a plan.

Create a short, medium and long term plan. Have achievable goals and stick to them.

Create basic a weekly plan and follow it EVERY week. This is the key to success. Example:

Monday: Submit ezine to as many ezine directories as possible. Tuesday: Write new article. Wednesday: Submit your article to as many ezines as possible. Thursday: Submit your site to as many search engines as possible. Friday: Use the forums. Learn about new deals, ways of creating traffic, building lists etc. Saturday: Add your link to as many sites as possible. Sunday: Enjoy yourself.

Customise it for your needs but stick to it. It is easy to waste endless hours reading useless information on the net.

6. Maximise the quality of your information sources and minimise your costs.

Don't spend money on five different ebooks on the same subject. Take time to ask others what is THE best book about "X".

Example: You need a book on effective ad writing. Go to different forums and ask: What is THE number one book on ad writing? When the same answer crops up 4 or 5 times on different forums, buy it and put it to good use.

7. Learn how to do THESE things in THIS order:

Find a GREAT product to sell Create an AMAZING web site that people can't resist buying from Channel IMMENSE amounts of visitors to your site and ezine

Use the info sources mentioned above for specifics answers.

These 7 powerful tips will give you a head start to becoming a success. Understand them and USE them, and the future will be bright.

I hope your journey is a fun and prosperous one

Gavin Hurt

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