How to Double Your Subscription Rate in Less than a Day!
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Do you run your own ezine, or are you thinking of starting one? If so, this little tip is going to prove to be VERY useful in getting new subscribers to your newsletter. Follow along, and pay attention. I'm going to give you an easy-to-follow, 3-step method to possibly double your daily subscription rate in less than 24 hours. Do you have a website? No?? You should. You can have subscription requests flowing in easily and steadily each day, with almost NO work on your part. Don't believe me? Well, you should know by now that I always test what I teach, and this is EXACTLY what I've been doing. Almost all of my subscribers come from my website, and I don't do anything out of the ordinary to promote the ezine except continue to build up traffic to my site. How do I do that? Well ... that's another article. :-) Here's how to use your website to explode your subscription rate: -> 


Write a KILLER Description Write a two to three line "ad" for your ezine, briefly summarizing your BEST benefit in the headline. You'll need a 5-6 word headline that will catch the reader's attention, AND cause them to read further. You only have a few seconds, so make it good. If possible, put the word "free" in your headline, (for a free ezine), while also targeting the specific type of visitor that you want to read your ad and subscribe to your ezine. The remainder of the description should list just a few key points that would interest the type of readers that you've already targeted in your headline. Don't make the mistake of trying to tell them EVERY reason why they should subscribe. The purpose of the description is to get them to visit your ezine's home page, OR to subscribe on the spot, out of curiosity. So, have a method to subscribe RIGHT THERE on your short form, AND a link to the main site for more info. Not everyone will subscribe just from reading the description, so you need to give people that need more details that other option.


Optimizing Your Website Pages Put a subscribe form on EVERY page of your website, at the top or bottom of the page. (TIP Unless you have a more important offer that you want to get noticed, put your subscribe form at the TOP of each page.) You'll be surprised at the number of new subscribers you'll get each day that never even visit your ezine's home page, but will subscribe right from the form on the other pages of your site.


Get Those First-Time Visitors! Now, here's the clincher. Write out a more detailed "ad" for your ezine, and put this one at the very TOP of your website's HOME page. You'll need for this one to be as closely related to your website's theme as possible. The first reason is because you don't want to turn your visitors away by having them thinking they've come to the wrong site. The second reason is because you want it to appeal to the majority of your already targeted website visitors. See exactly what I mean, and how I did this, at <> NOTE: What? Your ezine DOESN'T relate to your website's main theme?? You're in trouble. What's the point of publishing it, then? I hope you have a VERY good reason, or you'll need to re-think your strategy A.S.A.P.

Putting a subscribe box on every page of my website immediately boosted my subscription rate by nearly 100%. Whereas I was only getting 6-8 subscribers a day, I started getting about 11-13 a day, just by using that one little technique. And, when I added the form to the top of my home page, it brought me to about 15-18 subscribers a day -- double what I was getting before, all with no on-going work on my part. Every little bit helps. Now, I get about 30 subscribers a day from the site subscribe forms, my home page subscribe forms, and subscribe forms on my partner websites. What? I didn't tell you that part? Well, partnering with other publishers is one more EASY way to double your subscription rate AGAIN. Want to find out how I went from 18 subscribers a day to 30? By actually swapping ezine sign-up forms with another website owner. One of my pages at got as much traffic as the home page at So, I swapped ezine signup forms with the Webmistress of that site. My form went on her home page, and her form went on one of my secondary pages. My subscription rate exploded! Now ... got any bright ideas for promoting YOUR ezine?


Harmony Major is the author of Yahoo! Secrets, where she reveals how YOU can drive HUNDREDS more visitors to your site each day, by getting a #1 listing on Yahoo. Don't just settle for "getting listed." Use her instantly-effective tactics to boost your site traffic with a TOP Yahoo listing! Visit: <>

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