8 Easy Steps to DOUBLING Your Online Profits By Next Month!

by Harmony Major  © 2000

Everyone wants to make REAL money online. Now, with this easy to follow strategy, you can. Be sure not to skip any steps, and if all goes well, you'll be well on your way to doubling your online business income every month ... hopefully by next month!

  1. Find a high-profit product or service to sell.
  2. You want to find a product that makes you at least $25 in net profit per sale. Even though you can promote your own lower profit product (if you have one), in order to create the highest income in the least amount of time, it's best to start out with a higher-profit product.

  3. Make a list of 20 ezines in your niche with 1,500 subscribers or more.
  4. I don't need to tell you to target the ezines as much as you can and only consider opt-in lists. You're smart; you know that.

    You won't be using all of these ezines now, but having the list ready will save you eons of time later on. You'll be following this plan over and over, and don't want to waste time hunting for quality ezines every time you implement it.

    By the way, you want to make a list of larger circulation ezines (1,500 or more) for the fastest and highest response to your ad.

  5. Place 10 top sponsor ads in 10 of the ezines on your list.

    Choose 10 of your list of 20 ezines to advertise in this time around. If you have a strict ad budget, keep that in mind when deciding which to use first. Place as many ads in the higher circulation OR the most targeted ezines that you can afford.

    For more information on how to choose the BEST ezines for your advertising dollars, read the article available by autoresponder here: mailto:FAT@homebasedheaven.com

  6. Stick with ezines that are published frequently -- but not TOO frequently.

    I've found that most daily ezines with a similar circulation as less frequently published ezines actually generate LESS of a response. This seems to be because, if readers get a certain ezine every day, they generally pay less attention to the ads. On the other hand, if readers are forced to wait every two weeks for their favorite ezine, they'll likely savor each issue -- right down to the last drop! (Oops, I mean the last ad.) ;-)

    So, for this plan, try to advertise in ezines that aren't published any more than once a week. Even though there are exceptions, it's best to stick to this strategy initially.

  7. Calculate your 'cost' per sale.

    Let's say a sponsor ad in ezine #1 costs $100. Divide the cost of the ad ($100) by the number of sales generated from that ad (10) to get your 'cost' per sale ($10). Each sale generated from ezine #1 cost you $10.

    Now, let's say a sponsor ad in ezine #2 cost only $85. Divide the cost of the ad ($85) by the number of sales generated from that ad (3) to get your "cost" per sale ($28.33). OUCH! Each sale generated from ezine #2 cost you $28.33!

    Do this for each of your 10 ezine ads that ran this month.

  8. Calculate the return on investment from each ad.

    I know, I know. This isn't Algebra! Don't worry, we'll only be doing a few more minor calculations. ;-)

    Even though the ad in ezine #2 APPEARS to have cost less, you actually paid a heck of a lot MORE for each sale it generated. Assuming your product only nets you the bare minimum of $25 per sale, you actually LOST money on the ad placed in ezine #2. 

    [($25 x 3) = $75 (- $85) = -10!]

    Ezine #1 was clearly a better investment. Although that ad required a larger up-front investment than ezine #2, your cost per sale was lower, and your profit was higher! 

    [($25 x 10) = $250 (- $100) = $150 PROFIT]

  9. Remove the five ezines that generated the least profit, and replace those with five new ezines from your list of twenty.

    As soon as all your ads have run and you've calculated the profit from each, place your ad again in the five ezines that generated the highest return on investment, and throw out the other five. Replace those with five new ezines from your list of twenty, and repeat the ad placement process.

    NOTE: Use THE SAME AD in all of the ezines, ESPECIALLY the five that initially brought you the highest return on investment. Run that ad in those five ezines until your response begins to wane. Then and ONLY then, tweak the ad to enhance your response.

  10. Re-invest your profit into more advertising!

    Every month, use 50% of last month's ad profits for placing MORE ads. You don't have to use the money for ezine advertising, but why change what's already working? As long as you remember to re-invest 50% of your profits each month into more advertising, your profits will continue to climb.

    Think of it this way: The more you spend, the more you MAKE! Just be sure to use a system similar to this one, so you're constantly tracking your responses, calculating your return on investment, and spending that money on advertising that you KNOW will work.

In conclusion...

Seems TOO easy to work, doesn't it? Think again. Sometimes the most effective means of promotion are the easiest to carry out, and are right under our noses. A lot of excellent, money-making promotional methods are commonly overlooked for that reason. Don't let this one pass you by! Use it, use it again, then use it some more.

This works!


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