Feng Shui Your Home Office 
To Increase Fortune And Success!
by BB Lee ©2001

Feng Shui is a very popular way to increase your fortune, luck, and bring much success to your home business. In fact, the way you set-up your home office will have a direct effect on your total ability to achieve success.

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of luck management. The belief is that by manipulating your environment you can enhance your luck in personal and business matters. This is established by increasing the energy flow in your environment. The belief is that all objects possess energy. This energy force is called Chi. An object's Chi has a direct effect on the environment. Chi influence can be positive or negative.

What follows is a list of easy practical solutions you can use immediately to increase the positive "Chi" in your home office.

  1. Clutter be-gone! Clear up your desk. Clean out your drawers. Get rid of furniture that you do not use. Clutter creates stagnant Chi and will stop positive energy flow.
  2. Poison Arrows...Out of here. Sharp angles are known as poison arrows in Feng Shui. Soften sharp pointy corners with a plant or covering.
  3. Sit with your back against a solid wall. This will ensure that you have support in your life. Never sit with a window at your back. This signifies lack of support, back-stabbing.
  4. Arrange furniture In harmony. This will allow the Chi to flow smoothly through the room without bumping into large objects.
  5. Place your home office computer and desk in the wealth corner. This will increase your business. (Southwest corner)
  6. Place a Dragon on the right side of your desk facing the door. This will magnify your personal profile and make you a leader in your industry.
  7. Place cash register in the wealth corner. This will increase the money flow if you own a store.
  8. Do not place cactus or sharp looking plants in your home office. The Chi that rides through the air will have to pass through them and will cause Chi to be fierce and sharp.
  9. Do not place your home office in a room with two doors. Positive Chi will enter and surely leave through the other door.
  10. In your home office never have your desk right at the main door. The Chi coming in will slap you in the face and will cause you to have more obstacles than good luck.
  11. Hang crystal in your office entrance. This will enhance the positive Chi. Your business will be quick, very vibrant, and sparkle.
  12. Do not place equipment that dispenses heat near main door. This will cause Chi that enters the room to be hot and disperse very quickly. Thus, your business will be hot, but cool off very fast.

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