Five Formulas You Can Make


3/4 gallon Water
1/2 pound Whiting
1 pound Tripoli
1/2 pound Silica
3 ounces Oxalic Acid

PROCESS: Mix well in a 10 quart pail. Cleans all metals,
prevents rust. Put in coloring, if desired (use water soluble
acid proof color).

NOTE: The oxalic acid renders this poisonous. If desired
non-poisonous, substitute Citric Acid for the oxalic. Use
finest powdered tripoli and powdered silica possible to avoid
scratching of surface being polished.


This is simply AIRPLANE DOPE. You can obtain this from firms
selling materials for making model airplanes. You can put this
up in bottles and sell clear or you can add aluminum powder to
make the cement look like solder. This is waterproof. NOTE:
Be careful around fire with this.


4 quarts Water
1 box Borax Soap Chips
1 box Lux
1 pint Corn Meal

Mix well. Use as a paste hand cleaner.


2 pounds Whiting
2 ounces Oleic Acid
1 gallon Gasoline (untreated or use Benzine)

Mix thoroughly.

Soak cloths, wring out, let dry. Use cutting flannel for
clothes. Do not use gasoline containing lead. This cloth is
for silverware and other metal surfaces.

Cleans and polishes eyeglasses and acts as a steam preventative.

Castile Soap . . . . . . . . . 1/4 bar
Glycerine. . . . . . . . . . . 1 tablespoonful
Oil of Sassafras . . . . . . . 1/2 teaspoonful

PROCESS: Cut the Castile Soap into small pieces and add enough
water to cover the soap, then boil over a slow fire, stirring
until thoroughly dissolved and without lumps of any kind
appearing in the mixture, so that it becomes perfectly smooth
and of even texture. Now add the tablespoonful of Glycerine and
half a teaspoonful of Oil of Sassafras, stir again thoroughly
and it is ready for use.

PACKING: Put up in one-fourth ounce tubes to sell for 50 cents
retail. You may put it up in little jars if you desire.
Perhaps the jars would be easier.

LABEL: (Your name on it) Eye-Glass Cleaner and Polish. Helps
prevent steaming. DIRECTIONS: To use, apply with finger tips
to both sides of glass and polish at once with a clean dry cloth
until glass is clear. Repeat on other side. Good for camera
lenses too. Wipe dry before applying the preparation.

TO DEMONSTRATE: Wipe the eyeglasses as directed, apply the
compound and then breathe on the glass. It will not steam and
glasses will be as clear as crystal.

SUPPLY SOURCES: The Castile Soap, Glycerine and Oil of
Sassafras may be had from wholesale druggists.

TUBES from: Celluplastics Inc. Sub., Brockway Glass Co.,
McCullough St., Brockway, PA 15824

JARS: These may be easier to pack in and we suggest 1/2 ounce
or 1 ounce size. May be had from wholesale druggists or for
larger lots try Brockway Glass Co., address above.

TUBE FILLING AND CLOSING MACHINE from: Arthur Colton Co., 3400
E. Lafayette, Detroit, Michigan.

NOTE: The right quantity of water to use in "Mysto" Eyeglass
Cleaner will have to be determined from experience - so make
your first few batches small ones. Too much water will cause
the product to be watery in tubes or jars. On the other hand,
if it is too stiff it will take too much rubbing to polish the
glass. Just enough water should be used to make a jelly form of
product that is soft but not watery. The amount of water needed
varies with the grade of soap used.

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