How To Make Your Own Home Brew

This report is presented as information only. The author is not
responsible if this recipe is so pleasing that you drink the
brew excessively. The necessary ingredients are usually
available from most markets, and the bottle caper and caps may
be found at most hardware stores. You will also need a crock,
about 10 gallons and a hydrometer of the type designed for
brewing. The purpose of the hydrometer is to determine when the
sugar content of the mix is less than 1%. It will float on top of
the mix for about 3 or 4 days, and when it sinks you are ready to
bottle the brew. You will need a collection of empty bottles - the
quart size is best. Be sure they are SUPER clean. Ingredients:
Malt-2 cups, Sugar-5 cups, Yeast-1 tbsp,Water-3 gallons. for a
darker color add more malt. for stronger flavor add more sugar and
a small amount of brewer,s hops. The BEST flavor, at least to the
author is to use 3 cups of superfine sugar and 3 cups of brown sugar.
This gives about 18% by volume - 36 proof. Heat about 2 quarts of
water and dissolve the malt syrup. Add the sugar to the mix slowly
and stir until dissolved. Let the mix boil for several minutes
then pour into crock and add the balance of water. If you use hops
wrap them in a cheese cloth and hang it in the mix. Wait about
three hours and skim off foam. Place the hydrometer in the mix and
from this point on keep your eye on it. It will sink in about three
days or so and you are ready to bottle. The best way to bottle is
a small siphon hose. Try NOT to disturb the mix. slowly place the
hose about one inch from the bottom and start the siphon action. As
each bottle is filled about one inch from the top, pinch the hose to
stop the flow and then release and fill the next bottles and let
them age - at least 10 days and 30 days is better. The very best
flavor comes after about 3 months. If you are smart - start another
batch immediately as you will want to start drinking the first one
almost immediately. And remember - Don't Blame Me If You Drink
Too Much!

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