The Age Old Mistake Of Flea Market Marketing

A blueprint on what NOT to do when you start a home based business online.

by Mal Keenan

Have you just ventured into the arena of online business?

If you have then you need to read this, so pull up a chair for five minutes and let me let you in on a little secret of what NOT to do for the first year of your online career.

How do I know what NOT to do? Well because I did it of course.

In my first year of Internet marketing from the very first moment I joined All Advantage affiliate program (Remember that one) I became very interested in what the online home business market offered and from the moment I received my first check from I was well and truly hooked.

So what did I do folks? Did I concentrate all my efforts in my main business and start earning a fortune and am now a millionaire and successful Internet marketer?

I think not!!

What I did do was I went out and joined every affiliate program that happened to make it's way into my mailbox and proceeded to try and market everyone of them. My thinking was that the more programs I joined then naturally the more money I would earn. Well for someone like myself on a shoestring budget this just wasn't the case. In fact it was exactly the opposite, I fumbled around for a year earning the odd dollar here and there and expending a lot of energy flogging more than a few dead horses.

The point I am trying to make here is this. If you are new online, or maybe even a seasoned veteran, don't fall into the same trap that I did. The most important lesson I learnt during that year of madness was that if you are going to be successful in online business, offline business or life for that matter, you must FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS.

Find yourself an established affiliate program with a good compensation structure and point all your energies in that direction. Learn about your chosen companies' products and become passionate about them, they will be a lot easier to sell that way and people will recognize your commitment to your business and want to join you.

Fragmenting your efforts all over the place is definitely a road to nowhere and causes more people than we can imagine to give up than probably any other factor in the marketing business.

Don't fall for the illusion of flea market marketing. Remember, you can achieve great things when you concentrate your mind in ONE direction, not fifty.

Your friend in success

Mal Keenan

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