Leaders Use Their Nature To Nurture!

by Bill Thomas

Want to see your role as leader in a different light?

Leaders have the great joy and privilege to empower people in fascinating ways. Leaders have the power to cultivate, water and nurture everyone inside or outside their organizations. When serving the growth and prosperity needs of their followers, leaders can experience the thrilling warmth and unique excitement of accomplishment. That feeling of satisfaction can not be compared to anything else.

Weaving threads of healing, generosity and compassion into the social fabric of your leadership roles will earn you the unfailing allegiance, loyalty and trust of your followers - even your superiors will recognize your value as an effective leader.

To be an agency of healing or compassion, you must reach out to people with an air of respectful appreciation for their abilities, desires and victories. Everyone you meet needs your empathy - they want you to show them that you hope for a better future for them, you believe in the best prospects for them, and that you're willing to endure with them through their challenges.

When people see that you understand and internalize their values and ideals they will believe in your ability to lead them and to help them transform their dreams into successful reality.

Effective leaders train people to use the Socratic method for self-examination and improvement purposes. By educating them, you provide them with the means to sustain the nurturing process over time. In other words, teach them to fish and they will develop the self-reliant ability to diagnose their own needs for healing and feed their growth.

Leaders who nurture and bring healing to their people also see all their relationships and surroundings as intertwined entities in a woven tapestry - where people and resources form essential patterns, and behave as partners engaged in continual, synergistic processes of give-and-take.

Because most personal and organizational values tend to instill an attitude of compassion towards others or encourage the sharing of their prosperity with less fortunate people, leaders should feel energized to use those proactive and nurturing-based principles to act strategically.

While those acts of generosity may appear to be signs of weakness or wimpiness, there is ample evidence to prove that these traits actually lead to strong support and applause from business, political and other community leaders.

The choice is yours to make. You can lead by being inconsiderate and disrespectful of your environment, or you can take the "high road" and lead by being a shining example of goodness, mercy, beneficence, kindness and charity in all your encounters with people.

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