How One Free Advertising Method Can Transform Your Income

by Al Martinovic

A great way to get the word out about your business in a hurry is something so simple and effective yet few marketers online take advantage of it.

What if you can advertise for free and get potentially thousands of people to see your message? What if this same concept is viral and starts spreading all over the internet?

What if this same concept builds trust and credibility and brands you online as an expert? What could it possibly be?

It's staring you right in the face and you don't even know it! It's called Article Writing.

Publishers are always looking for content for their ezine. You can give them that content by writing an article about something you know about or by sharing your experiences and if they like your article they will then publish it.

Then at the end of your article include a small bio or resource box with a link to what you are promoting. This is where you will get your free advertising.

You can submit your articles to individual ezine owners who accept articles. You can also submit them to article banks or directories which are web based.

Many ezine owners visit article banks or directories to look for content for their ezine. In this way, publishers find you instead of you trying to find them.

You can also post your article in article announcement lists which is email based. You post your article and your article will then be sent out to everyone on the announcement list.

Include article writing as another weapon in your marketing arsenal. And best of all... it's free advertising, it's viral and it brands you. All it takes is the time to write the article.

Don't think it works? Well... you just read this article didn't you?

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