Got Persistence?

by Tom Mink

Ready to make some serious money?

Do you have perseverance, determination, doggedness, diligence, and resolution to make a go of creating your own Internet business?

If you do great! If you don't and think I have no idea what problems and obstacles you may be facing then think again.

Follow me on this:

Obstacle: I work hard at my day job and when I'm finished, I'm finished!

Whether you work days or nights the same situation arises where you simply don't have the urge or stamina to start or run an Internet business during you off hours.

Solution: Assuming you really want to own your own Internet business and eventually quit your day/night job let me suggest you adopt a strategy. Lets call the strategy persistence.

Here's an idea. Find a quiet place and give things some thought. If you decide to pursue your dreams of running a successful Internet business then come up with a time plan. Be persistent and plan initially to spend not less than 1 full hour a day developing you business ... squeeze it in somewhere.

Don't let anyone talk you out of it. Take that 1 hour and give it everything you've got. Study, write, surf, read, discuss, and do everything you can to further your interests. Soon those around you will be impressed with your work ethic and how much you're learning.

Obstacle: My family and friends demand attention during my off hours ... especially my spouse and my kids. How can I find time to please everyone let alone run a business?

Solution: First of all make up your mind to be successful with your Internet business. Then break the news to your significant other (your spouse or your partner) and ask her/him for their support. This may take a few days so try and be patient while your significant other realizes how personal this is to you.

Once accomplished enlist the support of your kids or your friends or those you normally meet with during off hours. Be straight and tell them of your desires. After all once you're successful you can choose to spend a lot of time with them.

Obstacle: I'm broke and barely have enough money to pay my bills as it is.

Solution: First realize that its entirely possible that if you don't do something (like starting your own Internet business) that you'll always be in this financial condition.

Let's be honest ... it really does cost something monetarily to start a business but if you truly want this bad enough then realize that you can do certain things for free or almost free until you come upon some extra funds no matter how small they may be.

There's software out there to assist you but there's also usually a way around the cost of software if you're willing to grind it out and manually operate all facets of your business.

Remember you only have one hour a day so plan ahead so that when you sit at you computer you're ready to roll.

Obstacle: My day/night job is very demanding and there's no way I can devote much attention to my Internet business while working.

Solution: I certainly hope you will be diligent and work hard for your employer regardless who she or he is. They're paying you a wage and they deserve you full and complete attention.

However I have some thoughts and of course this depends on what you do for a living. If you have reason to travel then while travelling spend time focusing on your business rather than listening to the radio of CD player.

If you have a repetitive job spend some time planning ahead even if just briefly.

At lunch or at breaks read something related to your business.

Whenever there a lag take that opportunity to direct your attention to what you'll be doing during your "1 hour".

Be persistent. Take small steps. Take lots of small steps if you can.

Obstacle: There's so much on the Internet that I don't know where to start. Who do I trust?

Solution: This isn't easy but do devote some serious time reading about various Internet business opportunities. Ask someone you know who's already making a presence online. Find out what they recommend but please use your own good sense and don't just follow somebody.

You could approach someone that is successful (even if you don't know them) and ask them what they would recommend. Most people in that position turn out to be very helpful ... especially when they realize how serious you are.

One of the very best ways is to visit online forums. This is a wonderful place to read and share ideas and ask questions and learn what others think about various Internet businesses. Again be persistent.

Okay lets not go on with more obstacles. You have some I'm sure and don't need me to repeat them.

Here's the thing. You control your own destiny and it matters little what you're doing right now.

If you have the desire and spirit to advance yourself and if you have persistence you can do it. It'll be bumpy at times but oooohh what a glorious feeling when you start becoming successful.

Got persistence?

Copyright (c) 2003 Tom Mink A FREE 5 part email course that reveals a formula for starting and running a real business online as witnessed by a real pro.

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