101 Hints For Your Antique Slot Machine

For Private Slot Machine Owners

by Tom Baker

Electromechanical Machines (Bally)

  1. Is the power off?
    1. Check the outlet.
    2. Check the cord.
    3. Check the fuses.
    4. There is a 115-volt, a 50-volt and a 6-volt fuse block that holds these fuses. Before replacing any blown fuses, visually inspect the machine to see what caused the fuse to blow to begin with.
    5. Call a technician to inspect your machine.

  2. Are the reels "frozen"?
    1. Check the friction clamps to the reels.
    2. Pull the reels out (carefully) and put the unit on a cloth towel. Lubricate the reels first with a silicone spray to release the reels.
    3. Use a lightweight sewing machine oil to lubricate each reel.

  3. Is the machine jammed with coins?
    1. Take out the coin-mech. Clean the jammed coins from the coin-mech slots

  4. Is the hopper failing to accept coins?
    1. Empty the hopper. Place the majority of coins into the outside coin tray.
    2. Pull the hopper out of the back plug. Place the unit on a cloth towel. Check the hopper agitator. Check for any jammed coins in the discs that turn the hopper motor.

  5. Is the machine failing to pay off?
    1. Turn off the machine. Check the hopper for any jammed coins.
    2. Be sure there are adequate coins in the hopper to begin with.

  6. Is the handle stuck in the "down" position?
    1. Pull the handle gently (if possible) to finish the wind-up cycle.
    2. Turn off power. Unplug from wall outlet. Open door. Using a long (12 inches) PLASTIC rod, push the release handle between the reels and the handle mechanism. Use a flashlight for this to see the handle!
    3. The handle should retract.
    4. Remove the reels.
    5. Using the tip of a flat-bladed screwdriver, reset the side lever to the right of the reels. This will unlock the jammed reel mechanism.

  7. Does a solenoid "chatter" or buzz?
    1. Open the machine.
    2. Remove the coin mech.
    3. Using a cotton swab and liquid silicone spray (or rubbing alcohol), clean the metal plate that contacts the solenoid.
    4. Replace the coin mech.

(The list continues with more hints on a monthly basis.)

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These hints are provided to slot machine owners all over the world! We care about keeping the collectible in your game room in working order!

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