Got Problems, Pressures And Skunks In Your Parlor?

by Richard Vegas

Next time you find yourself in a pressure situation, take this simple step and separate the real problem from the pressure. It's the pressure that's trying to force you to act from fear; not the problem. Fear of failure, fear of being embarrassed, fear of going broke, or not getting that big deal. And, the worst of all; the fear of dying.

If It looks Like a Skunk, And It Smells Like A Skunk. . .

It just might not be a skunk. Don't assume too quickly. It's time to take your eyes off how things look; from the way it feels; what it sounds like; what it smells like; what it tastes like; because that's the source of your pressure.

Listen to this: Reality might be a fact; but, it's not always the truth! If it looks bad, that's a fact. If the news you receive turns your face as white as a sheet, that's a fact. But, those things are not always eternal truth.

Remember this: truth never changes. Facts are subject to change. And, change is the one thing we can always depend on. To illustrate my point: if you are still alive, then not one "fact" <skunk> you've ever faced, that you thought was going to kill you, has yet!

You see, in the heat of battle the pressure that you're feeling is caused by looking at, feeling, acknowledging, and sensing the pressure of the circumstances in your emotions. You are thinking about and worrying about the problem <skunk>. And, again, that's not your problem.

Bending Over Backwards!

If you could make the problem go away, you would, wouldn't you? At the present moment let's assume you can't make the problem go away. Is there anything you can do? Well, let's see. You can conjure up all kinds of doo-doo in your mind that would make Freddie Kruger look harmless.

You could spend then next forty years holding resentment and bitterness, because of the terrible things that happened to you, till you've got one foot in the grave.

But, obviously those things are not in your best interest. You could yell at your spouse and kick your cat. But, that really won't help either. The healthiest thing you can do is separate the pressure from the problem. I.e. the <skunk> circumstances.

If the problem won't go away immediately, don't let the problem push your emotions around. Now, sometimes this takes some practice; because our emotions are affected by circumstances. But, that's not where the rub is.

Calm Before The Storm!

The intensity of our emotions is affected by the severity of the circumstances. Pay attention to your emotions. Notice when something minor happens how it has a minor effect on your emotions.

Notice when something major happens how it makes your emotions send shivers down your spine. The severity of the problem has a tendency to make us feel either able to handle it or like taking a long walk off a short pier.

Personally, I believe this is for our testing. If everything we faced in life were simple, then we would develop a god like attitude of invincibility. If you never felt helpless in anything think about how you would esteem yourself.

A little humility is not all that bad. What is bad, is our emotions turning us into a Zombie; creating enough fear that our emotions are up and down like a toilet seat at a mixed party. Every time that happens, it makes us less effective for the next test.

Faith, courage, and boldness are part of our emotions. Fear, confusion, and pessimism are also part of our emotions. Faith, courage and boldness depend on one another to keep us steady. Fear, confusion and pessimism also depend on one another to drive us nuts.

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place!

This leaves you and I right in the middle. The only thing we can do at this point is make a choice. We can choose to go with the flow and let the negative emotions dictate how we should respond to this situation. Or, we can let faith; hope and boldness rise up in us and cause the negative emotions to change into a feeling of confidence.

They will. You just have to experience it for yourself. Taking the way of Faith, hope and boldness is not always easy, but it's always worth it. Your emotions are very precious; you can't live without them; don't allow the pressures to dictate your emotional state.

Your emotions can either be an instrument of faith, or an instrument of fear. They can drive the skunks out or open the door wide for dinner. The choice is yours. And, your emotions don't care which way you lean.

If you look at the problems the pressures will rise and the skunks will stink. The more you look at the <skunks> problems, the more the pressures will rise.

Full Steam Ahead!

You will be looking for relief in every direction; except where the relief is. It will just seem like an irresponsible thing to not focus on the problem. <skunks> It will feel like the most natural responsible thing you can do is to focus on how bad the circumstances are.

All that will do is intensify the pressure. Like we said earlier, at this point we're making the assumption you can't do anything about the problem. All you can do something about is the pressures. And, the pressures are controlled by the emotions you decide to harbor.

See The Light!

Faith is an emotion, fear is an emotion. Why do we have to have one or the other? Faith rises up in us when we feel able. Fear rises up in us when we feel incapable. Is this a universal law that says it has to be this way? No!

Try this. Next time a situation arises that has you down for the count, just start saying to yourself, "I am more than a conqueror." And, then say this: "Skunks don't rule me!"

Say it as many times as you have to, to cause the fear to subside. It will. Your emotions are listening to that little voice inside your head that keeps talking to you. And, if you'll keep those words flowing into your emotions, you'll experience a dramatic rise in your emotions.

Look! If you have to put up with the smell of the skunk and you can't get him out of your parlor, at least don't let the polecat rob you of your sanity and peace of mind. It's just not worth it.

Time Is A Cure!

The circumstances you're going through may be a temporary fact. But, consider this; if you're reading this you're alive, and if you're alive you have gone through many bad circumstances and not one skunk has killed you yet. The skunks will go away and the facts will change.

Richard Vegas ©

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