How to use “Surf for Hits” Pages Successfully

by Trevor Gray

Did you ever wonder how people can get thousands of hits to there website with very little effort, I used to think it all the time until I found out the successful way to generate hits through Surf for Hits Pages.

You can generate thousands of hits to your website daily by following a few simple rules when using Surf for Hits pages. Surf for Hits pages are designed to send traffic to your site by viewing other peoples sites or promotions. These pages can help sell any product you have and build any business you are tying to succeed in on the Internet providing you use them properly.

One of the very first things I would recommend before starting to sign up for a bunch of Surf for Hits programs would be to set yourself up with a good page rotator especially if you are going to promote more than one business opportunity or sales page at one time. By using a rotator you can have all your programs being rotated by one program and when you sign up for surf for Hits Pages you will always be asked which url you want to use to promote your product for that surf for hits page. Now that you have your rotator setup with all the programs you want to promote all you need to do when signing up for the hits programs is promote one url which is your rotator url. Using a rotator makes it very easy to manage all the programs you are promoting.

In order for you to get hundreds of people to view your programs daily you are going to need to sign up for at least 30 Surf for Hits programs. The reason I say this is because if you signed up for only 1 or 2 programs you would need to sit at your computer for hours surfing pages in these programs in order for you to get a couple hundred people to view your pages. That is a lot of hours you are going to waste sitting in front of your computer not to mention the headache you would have looking at the computer screen for that amount of time.

We know that 99% of the Surf for Hits programs offer a 2:1 hit ratio meaning every time you surf 2 times your page gets shown 1 time. We also know that when you are viewing a page there is at least a 15 second wait before you can go on and view another page. If you click to view another page before the 15 seconds is up, and some programs up to 30 seconds, you will not get credit for viewing that page and therefore wasting your time.

Using so called automatic page loaders is a complete waste of time. These loaders worked a few years ago but program owners got smarter and devised ways to ensure that you are viewing the pages by instead of the page loading when the time was up now you need to click on a symbol before you will receive credit for viewing that page.

You are probably asking yourself by now what is the secret to generating high amounts of traffic to my site using Surf for Hits programs. Well the answer is very simple. What you need to do is promote Surf for Hits pages that you belong to because the more people you have under you the more hits they generate for you. Now in saying that it could take a while for people to sign up for these programs so I am going to show you a little trick.

Every program has a timed limit before you receive credit for viewing that page and there will be a lot of pages that you will not be interested in so here is what you do. Start your browser 10 times with 10 different Surf for Hits programs. Keep going back and forth between them until you have viewed pages in each browser at least 10 times. This will give you one hundred views but remember that the programs are on a 2:1 ratio so in actual fact it just took you about 15 minutes to generate 50 hits to your site. Now load up 10 more and do the same thing and then 10 more and within 45 minutes you have generated 150 hits to your program.

Work on that process everyday and within one month you will have generated at least 4500 hits to your site not including the people that signed up in these programs that are also generating hits for you. After a few months you should have at least 10000 hits going to your site each and every month and then watch the sales take off and the businesses start to grow.

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