6 Ways To Tap Your Hidden Energies

by S. Kumar

Do you tap on your hidden energies?

We wear out from lack of use of our capacities. Each one of us possess enormous amounts of energy, more than we can ever hope to use. These energy sources are locked up!

But how to tap into this vast reservoir of potential energy. Here are some methods.

  1. Stay In Shape: Its beyond doubt that a well exercised body oozes energy. 30 minutes of vigorous workout everyday will reduce the stress levels as well as supply you with sufficient energy to deal with tasks with enthusiasm.
  2. Utilize Anger Effectively: No doubt- you and me experiences anger. But we are taught to suppress it and store it. The best way to use this hidden force is to go and work furiously on a pet project of yours. The dual benefit is oblivious. You make headway on your project as well the suppressed energy is channelized positively.
  3. Accelerate the positives: Studies proves that people with a positive outlook suffers from far less sickness and has more energy than others. It does not mean that the blows of life need to be ignored. The trick lies in acknowledging the negatives but living positively. The good thing about a bad thing is that it will end.
  4. Tell The Truth: Learn to share your feeling unconditionally. This works best when your true feelings are revealed but not used to insult others to get your own way. You will be unlocking many of your hidden energies if you decide to tell the truth.
  5. Learn To Prioritize: Learn to move in one direction. Learn to make choices. Organize them in the order of importance. Then tackle tasks from the top priority downwards. Know that indecision leads to inaction which in turn leads to lethargy and loss of energy. Once decisions are made and actions begun, you will experience a surge of unlocked to energy.
  6. Commit Yourself 100%: There is nothing more energizing than a tough, firm deadline. This is especially true for entrepreneurs who does not have a boss to breath down the neck. By concentrating on the tasks and finishing them under the clock sets you up to receive untapped sources energy.

Follow the above 6 ways for a month and see the difference to your productivity levels.

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