How to Start a Flood of Subscribers in Five Days

by Thomas Holley

Ok, you have your own ezine, but you find yourself wondering where all the subscribers are. Or you have built up a few already, but can't help but think that it is taking too long.

Follow this simple plan and you will be amazed at the flood of subscribers that will start coming into your autoresponder.

Day One

Let's start with three proven techniques to explode your opt-in subscriber base.

  1. Launch a Lead Factory "pay-per-subscriber" campaign. This remarkable service will allow you to generate a flood of opt-in subscribers on autopilot! You will pay for this service, but it is a very good investment to multiply that subscriber base. You can set up your account within an hour at:
  2. Launch a free Push Button Leads campaign. It's free for the first 15 days and if you want to continue using it after that it's $20 a month. Use it for the 15 days and you will know if it will be worth it to you to continue based on the number of subscribers you get from it.
  3. Contact everyone in your address book and let them know about your new website and newsletter. Ask them to subscribe to your free newsletter and let you know what they think. If they like it, they can tell their friends and family about it too!

Ok, you are well on your way. Relax and take it easy. The real work starts over the next few days.

Day Two

Hope you had a good night's sleep and are well rested. Let's get down to business and get back to building your subscriber list. Today, we will focus on a free and powerful method for getting the word out about your newsletter - submitting to ezine directories.

You will be accomplishing several things with this technique:

  1. You will establish links to your ezine on some of the top sites on the internet.
  2. Many directories will ask for your URL to post on their site which could ultimately improve your search engine rating.
  3. Subscribers! Let's not forget our goal. We want more subscribers!

Devote this day to submitting your newsletter to as many ezine directories as you possibly can. Here is a list of some of the top ezine directories on the net to get you started.

After you are finished submitting your ezine to these directories, do a search on for "ezine directories" and keep going! Try to submit to 100 or more!

Hint: Jason Potash has a great software called EzineAnnouncer that automates this tedious process of ezine submissions. EzineAnnouncer comes pre-loaded with over 100 ezine directories. You can download a free trial version of this software at:

Congratulations! You are well on your way. We aren't through yet, though. See you tomorrow.

Day Three

Today we will start with another free and powerful technique: Announcement Lists!

Announcement Lists are mailing lists that are dedicated to announcing new ezines on a daily bases and are extremely powerful and have the potential of flooding your autoresponder with subscription requests.

Send a blank e-mail to the a few Announcement Lists so you can see how it works and start submitting you own ezine. Here are a few to get you started:

Now go to and search for "ezine announcement lists" and place your announcement on at least 100 different sites.

Hint: EzineAnnouncer can do this too.

Day Four

Whew, it's been a tough past couple days! Today is a little different. It shouldn't be too bad.

Today, you will write an article. Whoops. A few hearts just jumped into some throats. Some people will say, "But I don't know how to write an article!" Well, today you MUST write one. It can be a simple "How To" article, or something related to your home business, internet marketing, affiliate programs or something along these lines.

Writing articles is absolutely the most effective way to market your website and increase you subscriber base. Plus, it's FREE!

If you need to do some research, go to and do a search for your topic. For more help, check out:

Top Seven Tips for Writing Articles on the Internet

12 Tips for Writing Articles on the Internet

Don't spend a lot of time on this. If you finish in 30 minutes, GREAT! Just don't spend more than a few hours on this project. Your article should be 500-1000 words preferably formatted to no more than 65 characters per line.

At the end of your article, create a resource box like the one at the bottom of this article.

This allows the people who read your article to find you and learn more about your business. When other ezines publish your articles, your resource box will be included and will help you increase your traffic, gain subscribers and improve your link popularity for the search engines.

Now take a break. Relax and enjoy the rest of the day. Tomorrow, I will tell you what to do with this article you just wrote.

Day Five

Now you have your article and your resource box, what do you do? Let's start submitting it to article directories.

You will instantly get your articles posted on popular websites, which will improve your link popularity and allow more opportunities for people to find your website. Ezine and website publishers are always searching these directories looking for articles to use for their own newsletters. When they publish your article, they are required to include your resource box, which can lead to thousands of dollars worth of exposure for you. And again, it's FREE!

Here are a few top article directories:

Then go to and search for "article directories" and submit to as many of the results as you can. Try to submit to at least 100.

Wow! Congratulations! You made it through these past five days and now you can start reaping the rewards of your tremendous effort: tons of subscribers.

But that's not all. Wash, rinse, repeat. That's right, do it over again next week. You have to work to build that subscriber base you are looking for. If you sit back and rest on your laurels, you will lose out. You need to keep writing articles and submitting them to article directories. Submit your ezine to a few new ezine directories every day. Then watch as your subscriber base rises to the top.

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