Marketing Tips For Internet Beginners

by Judy Howard

The reason most people fail to make money on the internet is because they don't have the knowledge and tools they need to market their business effectively and successfully. They just end up spinning their wheels because they don't know where to start and neglect to develop and follow a consistent marketing plan. The following tips should make it easier and less frustrating for the new business builder.

Tip #1 Find a target market and serve those customers willing and able to buy. For example, a target market would be work at home entrepreneurs. This market needs the best informational products designed to help them succeed online. Ideally, this would be a great niche market to sell informational and marketing tools to.

Tip #2 A blueprint/plan is vital when you are first starting out. If you don't have a step by step plan knowing where you're going, it is like driving a car without a roadmap. Know where you are going. A step by step plan takes you by the hand showing you what needs to be done through daily tasks.

Tip #3 Set aside so many hours or particular days in the week as to when you are going to work on your business and stick with it. CONSISTENCY is the KEY. Treat your business like a hobby and you will get mediocre results. If you treat your business seriously expect to accomplish more than the 95% of the people who get online attempting to make a buck. There is no f-r-e-e ride. Realize that and you are ahead of the game. Stay consistent, use the best tools, and treat your business seriously.

Tip #4 Find a mentor, support person or even a support network. This is vital when you are first starting out. These people can share the wealth of their knowledge telling you what works and what doesn't work. And they can keep you motivated. Remember, they started out just like you. Joining a community discussion group of internet marketers is another good idea. You can pick up a great deal of f-r-e-e information and have any questions answered. Support groups/mentoring is invaluable when you are first starting out.

Tip #5 Read inspirational books. I highly recommend "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The principles in this book have been the blueprint used by some of the most successful and influential people. It has been often said that in order to be successful, learn from successful people. Join a group of like minded people. You many find these people in your community or on an online discussion board.

So to recap: Find a target market and serve it well Follow a blueprint Set up a schedule as to when you will work on your business Find a mentor or support person Read inspirational/motivational books

E-business is booming. Almost 990 million people had internet access in June 2002. That means that 1 out of every 6 people in the world are wired to the net. And experts predict the numbers are rising. You are in the right place at the right time.

Success requires an investment in time and money. To succeed online you have to make an investment in time and money. Bottom line is that there is no f-r-e-e ride. Understand this and you are on your way to success. Above all, be patient and never give up. Through persistence, support, using the best tools and believing in yourself like the farmer who tends to his crops consistently, eventually your cash crop will come in. A good foundation is key and then consistently working on it produces results. Success doesn't happen overnight. Never stop learning, asking questions and trying new things.

With all of this in mind you can accomplish more than what 95% of people who get online attempting to make a buck.

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