Tips for Combating Job Burnout

by Olga Laguer

Learn to recognize the warning signals of burnout. Here are a few.


People suffer from job burnout for various reasons:


Burnout affects you physically, emotionally and mentally and can turn a positive attitude into a negative one. Let's look at each aspect:


The most important thing to do is regain control.

  1. What's the cause? Figure out exactly what is causing you to feel burned out. For example: If you've been forced to take on extra work due to downsizing, ask your boss if some of your work can be distributed to other employees as well.
  2. Create balance: Take it one step at a time. For example, if you've been staying at work late, or working on weekends gradually cut weekends out altogether. Plan your days, make checklists, delegate. Say "NO" more than you say yes. Also, make sure your giving attention to the other areas of your life - family, friends, fun, spirituality and especially yourself.
  3. Your physical health: If you haven't had time for exercise, incorporate it into your schedule (20 minutes per day will do wonders for you physically, as well as for your psyche) Make sure you consume foods that fuel your body - not detract energy from it.
  4. Time OUT: Getting away from the situation completely will help you shift your perspective. Take a vacation to refresh. Or if necessary, a leave of absence.
  5. Address it: If you're unhappy with areas of your job, talk it over with your boss. It won't do you any good to suffer in silence. Let him know what would improve the situation. Have ideas/solutions ready before your talk.
  6. Talk it out: Talk to your spouse or a friend about what you're feeling. If the situation warrants it, seek professional counseling. Get it out of you.

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