20 Mail Order Success Secrets

1. Two Ways to get Free Commission Circulars For Life

Many successful mail order dealers specialize as "commission circular mailers" and make a good living. You can too. But you don't have to buy the circulars you want to mail. You can get them free! The best way to do this is to advertise that you want commission circulars and state how many you can honestly mail. Your ad should read something like this: Commission Circulars Wanted! Must pay $1.00 or more. Can mail 500 monthly. Send clean, legitimate offers only (no multi-level plans, envelope stuffing or chain letters). Will acknowledge all circulars that are received. (Your name & address). Place ads like this in as many publications that you can afford and wait for shipments of circulars to come pouring in. For a free commission circular paying 50% that you can have printed by your printer, send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope PLUS extra loose first class postage stamp, to: Free Comcirc - Dept. FCC-R20, P. O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94104.

Another good source for camera-ready circulars for your printer, is: R & D SERVICES, P.O. Box 644, Des Moines, Ia 50303. They have a large selection of books available that you can sell on commission. Send them a long SASE and ask for a selection of their CR Circulars and wholesale prices.

Also, a good way to get free commission circulars is to watch for ads in mail order trade publications. Many dealers advertise that they are in need of commission circular mailers. Also watch for "Commission Circular Mailers Wanted" listings in mail order newspapers and magazines.

2. How to get Free Monthly U.S. Post Office News

Each month the U.S. Postal Service issues a newsletter called "Memo to Mailers". This interesting publication contain much information that people involved in mail order will find of interest.

If you want to keep abreast of postage rate changes, postal rules and regulations, cost-saving mailing methods, etc., you will be wise to read every monthly issue of Memo to Mailers. In any event, it is free, so you have nothing to loose. To receive a free subscription, simply write and ask to be placed on their mailing list. Send your request to: "Memo to Mailers", U.S. Postal Service, P. O. Box 1, Linnwood, NJ 08221-0001.

3. Where to Get Free Legal Advice

If you have legal problems and are unable to pay for legal assistance, you may be entitled to get free legal advice. Look in your telephone directory white pages under "Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation" or (Name of your community) Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation" or just Legal Assistance Foundation". You might also want to look under "Legal Aid Society". If any of these offices are unable to help you, they should be able to refer you to other local, state or national organizations that can provide advice or help.

4. Free Facts on How to Copyright What you write

To fully protect what you write, you must produce copies with a copyright notice. The copyright notice or "indicia" should consist of three elements, namely: (1) The word "Copyright" or the encircled "C" symbol ( ), and (2) The year of publication, and (3) The name of the Copyright owner(s). Example: c 1985, John Doe, or Copyright 1985, John Doe. This notice must appear on the title page or on the reverse side of the page bearing the title.

To copyright your work, you must submit two copies (if published; 1 copy if unpublished), the completed application for registration, and a registration fee of $10.00. For further information or copyright laws, write to: Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20559. Ask for the two free, informative booklets: "General Information on Copyright" and "Copyright Laws of the United stated of America". Also requires several applications. Ask for "Form TX". It is best to copyright everything you write if you expect to present it for sale to the general public. The $10.00 application fee gives you the world's best protection from thieves that are ready to steal and print your creative works, and sell it themselves for their own financial gain. Unless you have a legal copyright indicia on your work, you could easily lose all profit from the future sale of your work. For an interesting report on what happens when someone abuses your copyrighted works, read: "How to Protect Your Copyright Rights". The report is free - and you can reprint it too: Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Copyright Rights - Dept. 20R, P. O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

5. How to Get Your Adsheet Printed Free

Contact mail order printers and tell them that you will give them free advertising space if they will print both sides of your 1-page (81/2" X 11" or 81/2" X 14") adsheet. When you find a good printer that is agreeable to your proposal, submit camera-ready copy for printing and 1/2 of one blank, where the printer can insert copy for his 1/2 page ad. Most printers will jump at such an opportunity, since you will be doing all of the work of mailing out copies of your publication, with their ad.

6. How to Get Your Adsheet Mailed Free

The best way to induce others to mail your adsheet for you is to offer them a nice commission on some of the ads - at least 50% is best - and "all-profits" offers are even still better! When making up your adsheet, include some commission ads and instead of putting your name & address at the bottom of these ads, say "Order from co-publish" or "Order from co-publisher whose name appears on the front cover". Then, when mailers are ready to mail your publication, they will stamp their name & address in the space provided on the front. Orders for these ads will come directly to them. They will keep their commission and send the orders on to you for filling.

If you instruct your mailers to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for each order you are to fill, you will save on postage and envelopes. You can also save on postage if you tell your mailers that you will send them a quantity of your "commission" adsheets for a certain number of first class Stamps, or you might want to charge a few cents per copy, to cover postage costs.

7. Where to Get Free Facts & Ideas on Printing

Contact: Champion Printing Co., 1677 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Oh 54214, or phone toll-free, 1-(800) 543-1957. In Ohio, call "collect" (513) 241-5233.

8. How to Buy Mail Order Supplies Tax Free

Mail order firms must observe all existing laws and regulations just like any other business. This is true whether your operation is a "one man" mail order company, or larger firms that employ hundreds. This means that all mail order firms must register with local, state and federal agencies, for tax purposes. Those that aren't registered are operating illegally.

This means that you must pay taxes on income derived from your mail order business, just like you would for any other job. It also means that you can avoid paying taxes on items that you purchase for resale to customers.

Let us assume that you sell books by mail. And for matters of simplicity, we will say that your book supplier is also located in your state. If you purchase a book from him for your own use, you must pay the regular tax on the book. However, if you purchase a book, which was ordered by a customer, you do not have to pay a tax on this item since it was purchased for "resale". Similarly, if you order 100 one-page reports printed by your local printer, you do not have to pay a sales tax if these reports are going to be sold. However, if you order 100 copies of letterhead stationery for your own use, you must pay the sales tax.

Office supplies required to operate your business are not for resale and, therefore, not tax free. But anything you buy that you will resell to your customers, Are tax free. This could amount to a considerable amount of money at the end of a year when your income taxes are due. For more information, contact your nearest Internal Revenue Service Office.

9. How to Get Free "Big Mails" for Life

Mail order dealers offer some of the best bargains and income opportunities you can find anywhere. To get in on as many as possible, you should study as many mail order trade publications as possible. To subscribe to many of the hundreds of mail order newspapers and magazines would be prohibitive. But there is a way to have your mail box stuffed with these valuable offers for as long as you wish, for very little or no cost. All you have to do is answer "Big Mails" ads that appear in almost all mail order publication. Most mail dealers will offer big mails for the cost of postage or request a couple of stamps. Others will send you their big mails for a post card request. Then, when the packet of big mails arrives, check the publications included and answer the big mails ads advertised in these mail order newspapers and magazines...and on, and on, and on.

10. Where to Get Free Professional Ideas for Your Ads

Very few realize it, but they have one of the best "source books" for the world's top advertising ideas right at their fingertips. Many of the advertisements appearing in this book are created by some of the world's foremost (and expensive) advertising agencies. The book referred to is your "Yellow Pages" phone directory. Some of these phone books for larger cities contain many thousands of different ads, for an unbelievable number of different products and services. And while you may not find any ads that promote the same products or services you sell, the number of ideas available to you is unlimited. If you live in an area where the Yellow Pages in your phone directory is slim, most phone companies will provide you with a free Yellow Pages section or directory for any major city you wish. Just give them a call -look in your own directory for the number of your phone company's business office. Warning! Do not reproduce any illustrations or copy from phone directory ads. All ads in the phone directory are copyrighted by your phone company. If you reprint any illustrations, headlines, copy or anything else, you could be cited for "copyright infringement". Use the phone directory Yellow Pages only as a "source" for ideas - not an "art service" that you can clip and use.

11. How to Get Free Mailing Lists - 4 Methods

There are several good ways you can go about acquiring names. One of the easiest is to watch for ads in mail order publications that offer free mailing lists. Generally, you have to provide a self-addressed stamped envelope for a free list. But this is better than having to pay for "cold" lists. For a free mailing list of 55 Opportunity Seekers, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Free Mailing List - Dept. FML/R20, Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101/ (Include an extra loose first class stamp and get a mailing list of 55 cash customers too!) Another method is to copy names from telephone directories, business directories, news items in newspapers, etc. If you have offers that appeal to other mail order dealers, consider sending your offers to the advertisers in mail order trade publications. Another effective way to acquire free names is to advertise a free item that has mass appeal. This could be a free catalog, brochure, report or something similar. Also, look for "Big Mails Wanted" listings in mail order publications. These names are looking for good offers and should be most receptive to your mailings.

12. Free Tips on How to Sell Used Stamps off your Mail

All used postage stamps have value, no matter how common they may appear to be. As a mail order dealer, you will be wise to save all used stamps from your incoming mail. These stamps can be sold at garage sales, flea markets, church benefits, etc. You can also sell many used stamps to stamp collectors and stamp dealers. For more information, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Stamp Bonanza - Dept.S5-20R, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101. Also check the "Stamps Wanted" ads in some of the philatelic publications. Choose from some of those listed below: 1. Send a first class stamp, to: The Stamper, 37 Poulton Drive NW, Ft. Walton Beach , Fl 32548. 2. Send for free sample, from: National Handicrafter, The Handicraft Press, Box 248, Grant Park, Ill 60940. 3. Send $1.00 to: Stamp Collector, P.O. Box 10 Albany, Or 97321 4. Send 60 cents to: Stamps, 153 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014.

13. How to Get Your Ads & Circulars Typeset Free

Ordering Typography from a professional typographer can prove to be expensive. But there is a way you can have your ads and circulars typeset free of charge. There are a few mail order trade publications that are still printed by the old fashioned "letterpress" method. This means that printing is done directly from metal type, instead of the more modern "photo offset" method.

Printers that use letterpress will typeset your ad free of charge from the copy you submit for your ad, when you place an ad in their publication. (Some other publishers will typeset your ad but charge a dollar or two per column inch. This is still a bargain in comparison to what most typographers will charge you).

Then, when your ad appears, simply cut it out and have copies made by your printer or a photo copier. Some publications that typeset your ad free are listed below. Send them a couple of stamps and ask them for a sample copy and current advertising rates. 1. Mail Order Bulletin, Artcraft Press, P.O. Box 225, Mankato, Mn 56001 2. Popular Advertiser, 993 Meadlowlawn Drive SE, Salem, Or 97301 3. Timely Tips, 721 N Williams Street, Paulding, Oh 45879

14. How to Get Free Postage Stamps & Envelopes

You don't have to operate a mail order business very long before you realize that postage can be one of your major expenses - and postage rates appear to be continually rising.

The best way to reduce postage costs (and get free envelopes too), is to ask for a "self-addressed stamped envelope" in all of your ads and sales promotional materials. Or, if you want to save space, request a "SASE". Also, add shipping costs to the products you sell, or request a SASE and say "by furnishing a SASE, you order is guaranteed prompt, first class shipment".

Also check with your post office. They can give you a number of ways to save on postage such as bulk mail, 3rd and 4th class, book rate, "printed matter" for overseas, etc. Remember, anything you save on postage in mailing one item, is like getting free postage for mailing something else.

15. Where to Get a Free Report you can Print & Sell

Send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope plus extra loose first class stamp for an informative one-page you can print and sell or give away. Send your request to: Print-and-Sell Report, Dept R-20, P.O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

16. How to Get Your Ads Printed Free

There are a number of ways you can get free advertising. If you publish an adsheet regularly, other publishers may be interested in giving you a certain amount of ad space in their publication, in exchange for the same amount of space in your adsheet.

If you have a flair for writing, consider writing informative articles pertaining to mail order. Then submit them to various publishers with the stipulation that they may use your article for free advertising space. When the quality of your writing and subject matter increases, you may be able to get more space for your articles.

Also consider trading products and/or services that you offer, for equal value ad space with mail order magazine and newspaper publishers.

You can also get free advertising by placing your circulars under the windshield wipers of parked automobiles and by attaching notices on bulletin boards throughout your community.

Also, use the blank space on your imprinted envelopes for your best offer. Your printer will not charge you extra to print one of your ads on the front of your envelopes, when he prints your return address.

Advertise in "The Endless Advertiser". This is one of the best cooperative adsheets that has been around since 1967. To use this unique idea, you simply paste your ad into one of the spaces and have as many copies printed as you wish. Then you distribute these copies in whatever manner you want. Other mail order dealers will paste their ad below yours and also print and mail a number of copies. Eventually your ad could be seen by many thousands - even millions!!! And all it cost you is the price of printing and mailing 100 copies or more.

For a free camera-ready copy of this famous adsheet, send a long (#10) self addressed stamped envelope to: Endless Advertiser - Dept. R20, P. O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101. Include an extra loose first class stamp, and ask for the "Free Advertising" Survey. Complete and return this short questionnaire and get free listings from one of mail orders oldest and most reliable firms.

17. How to Get Your Circulars Printed Free

Contact as many printers as possible, either by looking for printer's ads in mail order trade publications or running your own ad. The message should be as follows: "Attention Printers: We will mail for you absolutely free all the circulars you print for us that has you ad on the back" (Your name & Address). You might also want to mention that you will pay all shipping charges. Several printers may respond, but all you need is one good printer. After you secure a cooperative printer, your next step is to submit one of your best circulars to be printed on the back. (You might even want to use a commission circular - which should pay at least 50%. Then you can pass along the chore of mailing the circulars - and still collect half of all sales for your side of the circular).

18. Where to Get Free "Advertising Guide Books"

These guides present, in compact form, a comprehensive listing of standard advertising media, including circulation, closing dates, rates, etc. You can get a free copy by writing to: 1. Morlock Advertising Agency, 188 W Randolph St., Chicago, Il 60601, Phone: (212)726-8336. 2. Columbia Advertising Agency, P. O. Box 1285, Richmond, In 47375. Phone (317)966-5849

19. Where to Get Free Advertising Art Samples

For 50 Free Ad-Art samples that you can use in your ads and circulars, send a long (#10) self-addressed stamped envelope plus loose 1st class stamp, to: Free Ad-Art Samples - Dept. 20R, P. O. Box 6466, San Francisco, Ca 94101.

20. Free Information on How to Make & Sell Rubber Stamps by Mail

Rubber stamps is one of mail order's most popular sellers! It seems that almost every business needs them. To learn how to make and sell rubber stamps, get free information from: Stamper, P. O. Box 22809, Tampa, Fl 33622.

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